Thursday 18 June 2009

Scott Gibbs vs England in 1999

Taken from a time not so long ago, when England could play rugby, this the famous Welsh try on the final day of the 5/6 nations (I can't remember if it had changed at that stage) that denied England a Grand Slam. What makes this result twice as enjoyable to any non-English fan is that sine the Millennium stadium was still under construction at the time of this game Wales played all their 'home' games at Wembley.

So not only did England bottle spectacularly (a feat that was to be a tradition of sorts for a few years, successive final day screw ups against Scotland, Wales and Ireland are fond memories of mine) but they did so a few miles down the road from HQ. ha


Mark Birdseye said...

I was there. I met Tom Jones & Max Boyce after the game.

Mark Birdseye
65 Timber Mill
West Sussex
RH13 9SP


Melody said...

I hope that everyone has a great 2011!