Friday 19 June 2009

Rugby > Every other sport. Ever

Rugby used to be an Olympic sport but for some reason not known to myself it was ousted from the pantheon of competitions deemed 'worthy' of Olympian status. The main reason for this (apparently) is that rugby was not universal enough of a sport. Which was fair enough then and is probably just as valid an argument against including the fifteen man game nowadays.

Rugby sevens on the other hand has seen massive increases in popularity in smaller rugby nations who now compete well with the more established unions at the reduced game. There is no denying the growing international movement in sevens rugby and given the various qualities imbued in rugby it does seem a crying shame that the sport is not part of the Olympic games

The IRB agree and have been campaigning vigorously to see sevens re-introduced for the 2012 games in London. Below is their video commissioned in support of their bid. I think it makes a stirring argument for the merits of rugby in general and is a brilliant reminder of why people love this sport


Savannah said...

Good point Mackaque! I just think, who doesn't enjoy watching rugby games? I believe that this contact sport is loved by many because the intensity and excitement of watching the game is contagious. Even kids and women alike, loves to play this game. Here in our place, we do have a youth and women's rugby league. Certainly this game is for everybody. So please hear our plea, let there be rugby in Olympics 2012!

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