Wednesday 17 June 2009

Ireland U-20s challenge Baby Blacks haka

I have been quite surprised by the amount of negative responses to this. The haka is a challenge, why not answer it? The haka is a piece of NZ heritage/culture etc, doesn't neccesarily mean every other team should have to stand around in front of them as they jump about and grunt in their direction, not a part of their culture. New Zealanders should be happy that its afforded any kind of respect/acknowledgement at all in my opinion.

To complain about an opponent making a threatening advance towards your boys as they perform a war dance seems a bit silly.


Ed said...

Jaysus sure Im totally fine with that! You deffo shouldnt have to put up with some eejits doing a dance on the pitch, they seem to get some sort of permission to do it every game and I bet other teams wouldnt be allowed "waste time" or whatever.
Good on the boys, altho judging by youtube it happened in the 80s too

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