Saturday 13 June 2009

Dream Team #3 - Pierre Spies

Ever since rugby went pro in the mid-nineties the traditional slow and ponderous forward template has been slowly edged out of the game by the new breed; muscle-bound behemoths that can do the 100 metres in 10.7 seconds like Pierre Spies.

The man is terrifyingly quick and his tendency to rip through a defence with consummate ease has already made Spies a firm favourite of mine. Shortly after he came onto the international scene he was diagnosed with a lung condition that threatened to keep him from playing rugby ever again. He missed the 2007 world cup but recovered and has managed to maintain the form that saw him rise to prominence in Sud Afrika to begin with.

Following an excellent Super 14 campaign this year expect the big Saffer to rampage through hapless Lions' midfields in a few weeks time


Campbell said...

So who do you think will make the test team?

Anonymous said...

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