Thursday 7 May 2009

God dammit Chelski

Chelski 1-1 Barcelona, Barca go through on away goal rule

92nd minutes... 91 minutes without even a shot on target... god dammit. Iniesta you schvine! Reports on this game seem to be written by those who had witnessed a footballing occasion so enthralling that it should be reserved in historical annals along side the moon landing and the collapse of the Berlin wall.

Barca were small, skillful, Chelski big, powerful. El Spicolos spent the game playing most of the football after Essien's wonder strike in the first half but whilst their short passing game is very pretty to look at when one is trying to negotiate the veritable human wall that is the Chelsea defence a change in tactics may be in order.

Except the lack of height in the Barca camp is somewhat galling. On the (incredibly) rare occasion that Alves was able to whip in a half decent cross the fight for the ball amounted to a crowd of hobbits milling around a bemused defence battling feebly for possession.

Chelski didn't deserve to win, I've never liked the whole 'grab a goal and then defend for our lives' approach and they gave away a frankly ridiculous amount of ball (possession stats were at 75-25 in favour of Barca at one point). Barca for their part should feel quite relieved that the ref never saw fit to award Chelsea at least one penalty from the myriad of claims that were thrown at him in the second period. Don't think they'll beat United in Rome though

Also, that crap the Chelsea players pulled at the end of the game was disgraceful, bunch of saps... especially you Drogba

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Ed said...

Ballack's antics were on the edge of absurdity/legality - I like the way the ref just took it, they need to get UFC guys to do the reffing, they can just turn around and deck people like him