Wednesday 12 November 2008

Wherever I may roam

So my main reason (excuse) for neglecting my blogging duties is the fact that I spent a large part of my summer... actually ALL of my summer stateside in Boston MA. After graduating from UCD (with a II.1 incidentally) I found most of my friends discussing plans for postgrad courses/jobs (the horror THE HORROR). Needless to say I fled all the way across the Atlantic, away from this lunatic talk of responsibility.

I spent three months, from June to August, in Boston painting houses as a living. I quit that job a week earlier than planned but was (in hindsight) incredibly glad that I did so as it freed up enough time in August for me to visit Chicago for a week. After returning from Chicago in September I headed on down to NYC for 2 weeks, followed by a week in Toronto, a few days in Kingston and Montreal before heading back to Bean-Town and my flight home.

Given that this was my first time in the States I came home with quite a good first impression. I loved the town pride among Bostonians, the mix of cultures in NYC and the sheer size of everything in Chicago. Toronto was considerably smaller than I remember it being but atmosphere there was positively serene after the bedlam of Manhattan. And I know this doesn't make any sense but Montreal seemed more 'French' than I remember it being.

To be honest it is impossible for me to adequately convey just how amazing a time I had in North America and I'm not about to bore everyone to death trying. Not that America is perfect, not by a looooooooooooong way but it was definitely a worthwhile experience. Boston has since been added to my 'places I can see myself living in' (along with Vancouver, Edinburgh and London) list.

Hopefully normal service will resume here shortly

Best bits
1. Fenway Park - Boston, MA
2. Steam Whistle brewery - Toronto, ON
3. Old Town - Montreal, QC
4. The L - Chicago, IL
5. Central Park, NYC, NY
6. Brooklyn - NYC, NY
7. Financial district - NYC, NY
8. Southie - Boston, MA
9. Harbour islands - Toronto, ON
10. The Lakeshore - Chicago, IL
11. Beat LA! - Boston, MA
12. 9/11 - NYC, NY

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