Sunday 23 November 2008

Discussions at Tusculum - Cicero

'For nothing that there is the slightest possibility of eventually losing can be regarded as an ingredient of the happy life'

'Moral good is the only good'

'We can disregard wealth, which I do not include in the category of good things because anyone, however unworthy, can get hold of it'

'Our customs have infected our characters with escapism and luxury and inactivity and idleness and inertia. Our false beliefs and dangerous habits have softened and enervated us.'

'For virtues can have no existence at all without happiness, and conversely, happiness cannot exist without any virtues either. Consequently, they will never allow happiness to give them the slip. On the contrary, they will hustle it along with themselves. Whatever agony, whatever torment, lies ahead, they will endure it together.'

'My shoes are the hard soles of my feet, my bed is the earth, my food is only seasoned by hunger - and I eat nothing but milk and cheese and meat. Come and visit me, and you will find me at peace.' - Anacharsis

'To have no job, to devote one's time to literature, is the most wonderful thing in the world.'

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