Thursday 13 November 2008

Back To School

Currently I am snowed under with postgrad application forms which I am moving through with all the speed of a knee-capped tortoise. In an attempt to break the monotonous cycle I've decided to enlightenment you cyber-peasants of the muzak that has been pumping around the house keeping me sane amidst the never-ending mountain of paper.

(I will freely admit that Armors' blog at got me thinking about this, but I've never been a huge fan of the hippity-hop)

I remember reading recently about one of the Deftones' members being in hospital for some reason or another which got me listening to their stuff again for the first time in an age and being pleasantly surprised by how much I still like their sound. They are an acquired taste granted, the musical equivalent of liquorice allsorts. Either you think of the Deftones as a delightful treat, offering something completely different from the usual batch of metal acts out there or everything about them offends your delicate conservative palate, in which case get out. now.

Album art (above): Around the Fur
Video: Back to School

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