Monday 14 January 2008

Walking Amongst Giants

From personal recollection, there always seems to be one kind of random team in the final four of the NFL playoffs. A team that is capable of being unbelievably good or diabolically poor. New York are this years bogey choice. Last week I don't think I was alone in expecting another postseason implosion from Eli Manning but it never came. The game against Tampa went pretty much to plan and the Giants uncharacteristically kept true to the script and advanced to meet up with division rivals Dallas for the third time this season.

Now the Cowboys had already beaten the Giants twice this season and despite worries earlier in the week, star wideout Terrell Owens was fit to play. Dallas may have been going through a rough patch but most would have picked America's Team over lesser Manning. I know I did. But I was wrong, the OTHER young QB capitulated this evening; Romo was completely unable to deal with the mounting Giants pressure and since his O-Line had been on the pitch for soooooooo long (they had a 10 minute TD drive in the first half) they tired as the game closed. With fatigue came the inability to block. This led to a hilariously porous offensive line. Which led to Romo being hounded and hurried. In turn this led to Romo throwing a pick with 9 seconds to go inside the Giants 20.

So Manning survives another week and will lead his Giants to Lambeau field to play old man Favre and the Pack on their home turf. I reiterate; either the Giants will click and pull out a frankly historic performance out of their asses OR lesser Manning will bottle in spectacular Rex Grosman fashion and New York will be thumped in a humiliating and reasonably embarrassing fashion.

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