Sunday 6 January 2008

The Twelve Playoff Labours Of Pocket Hercules

1. Win Wildcard [Done]
2. Win Divisional game
3. Win Conference
4. Score a receiving TD [Done]
5. Score a rushing TD [Done]
6. Score a TD on special teams [Nearly done]
7. Rush for over 100 yards
8. Go for over 100 yards in the air
9. Get 100 yards on the ground and through the air in one game
10. Win Superbowl
11. Be Superbowl MVP
12. Be hilariously short, stocky and fast [Done]

Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jags beat Pittsburgh last night even though they did try their level best to throw the game away in the second half. Kicking the go-ahead field goal with around 40 ticks left on the clock Jacksonville now advance to play either New England or division rivals Indy depending on which team wins the Chargers-Titans clash this evening.

After all of five minutes careful consideration I compiled the above list to act not only as a method of measuring Jones-Drew's progression towards 'legend' (n the true Munster sense of the word) status but to act as a barometer of the Jags offensive prowess throughout the playoffs. But mostly I just want Jones-Drew to see more game time and get more ball.

Its pretty good to see Jacksonville progress, they get kind of jipped by having the misfortune of sharing their division with the Colts. That pretty much guarantees the Franchise a wildcard berth every year no matter how good a season they have. Sharing a state with the Bucs and the Dolphins (however shit they may be) as well as two prominent college teams robs a lot of deserved limelight for the Jaguars too. About time they got their due.

Granted Pittsburgh aren't the REAL kings of the AFC North (Cleveland anyone... *cough* and Baltimore *cough*) Jacksonville, by most reports cos I didn't get to see this game, dominated. Heres hoping they get the Colts in the next round and humiliate them too.

Please don't draw New England... please?

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