Sunday 13 January 2008

Return Of The Pack

There are few moments whilst watching sport when it is permissible to dance around like a lunatic, for example; Leinster/Munster winning a big game in the H-Cup, an English club doing poorly in the H-Cup, when Ireland beat England at anything, if England get beaten by anyone at anything and perhaps most recently watching the Irish cricket team's Odyssey unfold in the last world cup (memories of a Jamaican bobsleigh team spring to mind).

Everyone has their own personal vendettas in this regard, their own private list of teams that they would love to see embarrassed and humiliated (preferably on home turf) on a regular basis. When it comes to the NFL the target of this sadistic (albeit irrational) mentality happen to be the Seattle Seahawks franchise. I can't really explain why this is. I've never been to Seattle, from what I hear its lovely.

Its not that I particularly dislike any one player either, they're all equally worthless. They have some good defensive players too, I like defence. But not this one. My problem with Seattle is that when you get right down to it, they are decidedly average; neither spectacularly impressive or shockingly poor yet ever present in the post season party. That guy that just stands in the corner quietly doing nothing before going home early without leaving much of an impression on anybody.

Every time I have seen Seattle in the playoffs this is exactly what happens; they arrive with the same amount of pomp as every other team, maybe win one game, then get thumped and head back to the North-West with a whimper. Same thing has happened again this year. Three TDs for old man Favre as well as three for the 200+ yard rusher Grant the (we don't have a running offence) Packers are looking good to make the Superbowl right now.

They came back from 14-0 down to destroy the Seahawks 42-20. Although Seattle are pants, that's still pretty impressive, clinical if you will. I'm telling ya, Green Bay's aggressive pass offence under Favre coupled with this new found running game allied to an already intimidating defence; there is NO reason Green Bay can't go all the way. I have serious doubts that Eli (lesser) Manning or Tony Romo could beat this guys, the Pack for the Superbowl methinks

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