Monday 7 January 2008

Lights Out! I want to sleep...

This may have been one of the worst playoff games I have ever seen. And this was mainly the fault of only one team. The Titans, having realised that they had no real offensive ability with which to dismantle San Diego's defensive unit and that their own defence was woefully unprepared to deal with the Chargers offence decided to try and bore the Bolts to death. Two early field goals gave Tennessee a slim lead which they clung onto for dear life but that was never going to be enough as San Diego finally began to get the ball moving on offence in the second half.

Credit to the Titans, they did manage to keep Tomlinson under wraps for most of the game but in the end it was the Chargers running back who played a pivotal role in swinging ze game the way of the Californian outfit. The first TD came off a playfake which pretty much the entire Titans linebacker corps fell for leaving WR Jackson free to make the catch from Rivers at the two and wrestle his way over. The second TD was run in by LT himself. Although hit mid flight over the line of scrimmage he had the presence of mind to pop the ball over the line for the score in comical fashion before celebrating in an equally comical fashion.

Their inability to get the running game going could be a source of great concern for the Chargers with FB Lorenzo Neal out and now Antonio Gates uncertain for the next round at Indy. Granted they managed pretty well through the air today with Rivers passing for close to 300 yards and two receivers going over 100 yards receiving. But the Colts are better. They won't leave receivers as hideously open as the Titans did and although the Chargers O-line did a good job of blocking the Titans pass rush the Colts D-line will prove much tougher opposition. The Chargers will need their own defence to step up as well. They creaked against the Titans running game early on and ye they dealt with the Tennessee passing game but compared with Manning's elite in Indy the Titans pass attacks is pathetic. The Colts have a better offensive line, better receivers and a better QB. I know San Diego beat them in the regular season but that was with a lot of help from their special teams, twas in San Diego too.

Should be a good one

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