Sunday 6 January 2008

I hate Seattle, I truly do

I began writing this post with about two minutes left in the Redskins - Seahawks game with Seattle up 28-14 (correction 35-14) and my fury rising steadily. I'm not usually a fan of either team but I love the underdog so naturally I was gunning for Washington to pull the win out.. but sadly it wasn't to be. And there was the whole 'gonna win it for Taylor' thing which, as cliche as it may have been, would have been unreal. No unfortunately the potential for a feel good playoff journey on the Redskins emotional rollercoaster has been swiped from us all by those bastard Seahawks.

Don't get me wrong I'm not just angry about Seattle advancing purely because they knocked out the Redskins. Oh no, my grievance runs far deeper than that. I don't like Seattle because they are ALWAYS in the playoffs. Not only is their omni-presence tedious but it is, in my opinion, completely unjustified. Their team (unlike Indy or New England, two other constants in the post-season) are devoid of any real talent, their division is hilariously weak, and this year their schedule was equally weak. Over-hyped, no-talent, boring beyond belief... they have no redeeming features as a football team. Even the Dolphins have Jason Taylor at least.

To put this in a 'soccer' context its kinda the equivalent of having this team you hate with a passion (irrational hatred is welcomed too I don't discriminate) that gets dumped in some absolutely pathetic group in the Champos league drawing several unknown teams from the depths of eastern Europe, pummeling them into submission and waltzing into the knock-out stages fresh as a daisy. Now imagine that happening every year. Its sporting injustice I tell ya.

Fuck the Seahawks

Booo Seattle

Screw Microsoft

And that Starbucks malarkey

...but thank you for Frasier


Chris said...

We here in Seattle are quite used to being hated.
We're wealthier,healthier and better educated than any other city in the united states, and for those less fortunate, it's much to be jealous of.
The weakness of our division has nothing to do with us, we have no control over what other teams do, we're just the best in said division.
We also have pedigree, something other teams can't attest to, we've taken the best the NFL has, and integrated into a dangerous Seahawks team.
It was sad about the redskins, but not because of some daytime television plot- to play for the dead guy, but because the legendary Joe Gibbs retired.
So, go ahead, hate us!
You know you would love to be us.

Macka said...

oh I'm in no way jealous of Seattle whatsoever, in fact I care little for the city at all. Vancouver is THE city of the North-West, thats common knowledge.

I just really don't like the Seahawks

Anonymous said...

you're a douche for caring enough to get upset about it, macka. i don't get it ... wasting all that time and energy on someone else's accomplishments? you're a douche.

Macka said...

I feel its justified, and I have no qualms about wasting all of 5 minutes 'time and energy' to get it off my chest