Saturday 26 January 2008

Here's to you Mr. Tomlinson

I never said anything about the NFL championship games last week primarily because of my extreme disappoint at the Giants beating the Pack. Belicheck could just start his second stringers against New York and we'd probably get a better game.

Anyway the Giants D turned up and shut down the Packers rushing offence, forced Favre to pass and the old man can't do absolutely everything by himself. Still, considering Green Bay had no ground attack its a credit to how dire the Giants are that the game was even that close.

In the AFC New England eventually pulled out comfortable winners against a battered San Diego outfit that really were in no condition to take on that Patriots team. Rivers could barely move in the pocket, Gates was operating at around 50% of his usual usefulness and L.T. was a spectator for the entire game after playing in the first couple of series.

As far as el Superbowl goes my brain is screaming Pats for the win, it is the glaringly obvious choice BUT New England have been shaky all post season. They were rattled by some teams in the last few weeks of the regular season (including the Giants) and they look like they've lost some of their swagger. The Giants on the other hand are peaking right now. The defence is doing all the hard work and they've got a couple of backs to carry the majority of the offensive responsibility so Eli doesn't have to. The more time the Giants can keep Manning from HAVING to throw the ball the better chance they'll have.

Still need a miracle though

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