Monday 7 January 2008

The Buc Stops Here

If one Manning rises up the football ranks does this mean that the other has to die? Or at least lose? We may find out next week when older (and so far greater) Manning and his Colts go up against the Chargers. Younger (and until proven otherwise, lesser) Manning will still around next week too after his Giants dominated a pretty poor Tampa Bay team 24-14.

Sure Manning played well today, and the running game looked competent enough but the fact of the matter is that this Tampa Defence is a spent force. It has been the backbone of the franchise for years but at this stage is looking the worse for wear. With their D unable to contain Eli (a phrase I never thought I'd use) the Bucs needed big plays from their offence which just never materialised in the face of immense Giants pressure. An injury to Galloway early on robbed Tampa Bay of their only legitimate deep threat and despite a valiant effort reserve running back Graham managed little in place of the injured Cadillac Williams. The running game was non-existent and the porous offensive line let the Giants defence bully Garcia and the Bucs' passing offence all game long.

The Giants will in all probability go into Dallas full of confidence, especially if the rumours that T.O. is out for the Cowboys turn out to be true. I'm still not entirely sure lesser Manning is capable of taking the Giants the whole way to the promised land and next week will be a true test of his credentials. The game against the Cowboys has the potential to devolve into a high scoring offensive affair which so not only will New York need a BIG game from its defence (especially its D-line) but Manning may have to step up and play the game of his life.

Still at least he's going up against fellow young QB playoff bottler Romo and not old man Favre.

(pictured above is Camilla Decesare sp?, she's Bucs' QB Garcia's wife)

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