Monday 14 January 2008

The B-Team

I think I'm ready to admit that San Diego are a viable Superbowl team now. Not only did they beat the Colts in Indy but by the end of the game they didn't have Rivers, LT or Gates. Granted Rivers went out later in the game but LT was gone early and Gates, although he did play, was nowhere near 100%. San Diego needed the B-Team to step up and step up they did indeed.

Jackson and Chambers made up for Gates absence in the passing game whilst Turner was an ample replacement for LT on the ground. The defence helped out too, picking off Manning twice and doing just enough to keep the Chargers out in front until the end despite Peyton throwing for just over 400 yards. Linebacker Cooper had an exceptional game with 15 tackles and CB Cromartie (the interception machine) was unlucky to have an 89 yard pick six called back for a pretty lame holding call.

If the Chargers allow that kind of yardage through the air against the Pats next week though, I'd expect Brady and Co. to punish them much more than Indy. San Diego need to sort out that pass D and pray to god that their starters are ok. It worked out fine in the end today but to go whole playoff game against this New England team without your starting RB, QB and primary receiver will only ever end embarrassingly

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