Monday 31 December 2007

Striving For Perfection

New England 38-35 New York

Having come from behind to beat off the Giants in the final week of the regular season the Patriots become the first team in NFL history to go 16-0. En route QB Tom Brady broke the record for most touchdowns thrown in a season surpassing the tally set by Peyton Manning only a few years previously. Randy Moss also took over the record for most TD receptions in a season, breaking the record held by Jerry Rice.

Ever since the spy-gate scandal against the New York Jets in the opening weeks of the season this Patriots team has been on a mission. Out to prove a point (ie we do not need to cheat, we are this good) the Pats have simply dominated teams all year long. Their consistently stellar defence has played to its full potential whilst Brady has finally been able to show off his ability at its full extent with a veritable arsenal of new weapons wideout. Wes Welker, Dante Stallworth and Randy Moss arrived in the offseason and made an immediate impact in New England. Though the Pats have definitely become a pass first offence, second year running back Lawrence Maroney and veteran Kevin Faulk have contributed significantly on the ground as well, the Patriots have a good ground game too.

Comparisons with the legendary undefeated 1972 Dolphins were inescapable as early as week 10 in the season and as they saw off the challenges from Indy and Dallas the possibility of New England going all the way was quickly galvanised into a reality. Despite close games against Philly, Baltimore and the Giants the Patriots held on to achieve their perfect regular season record. If memory serves, that Dolphins team went 17-0 INCLUDING their playoff run. If New England manage to go all the way to the Superbowl that will leave them at 19-0 and with their 4th Superbowl in 5 years or something similarly ridiculous. Should they achieve this it will leave them as indisputably the best team in the NFL. Ever. Contrary to what any of the '72 Dolphins think (search youtube for Mercury Morris, he was the 2nd string RB on the '72 Dolphins). Back in '72, there was no salary cap, no parity between the teams and less games. I don't care what kind of twisted logic Mercury Morris try to apply to the situation, if New England go completely undefeated (and god I hope they do just to shut the geriatric Dolphins up) they are the best ever, end of story.

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