Monday 31 December 2007

Remember the Fallen

With the NFL regular season over it is unfortunate that some of the premier talent and entertainers in the NFL will sadly not be present in the Playoffs. Either cruelly pipped at the post by another franchise, by losing too many games early or later on in the season or by finding that winning form a little too late; I give you my obituary of players and teams who either failed to live up to their playoff potential or deserved to be in there (*cough* Browns *cough* but some other useless pile of cack made it in instead (booo Tennessee)

Baltimore - from a good 13-3 to a not so good 5-11 I dunno what happened really

Cincinnati - similar story to Baltimore, great preseason promise, failed to deliver, Chad Johnson was hilariously quiet all season

Cleveland - should be the playoffs, looking good for the first time in years, they took advantage of an off-form Baltimore and Cincinnati to come tantalisingly close to a playoff berth

Texans - I know that finishing 8-8 is the best record the Texans have ever had but it could have been so much more, bottled spectacularly in the last few weeks

Philly - pretty tough division I guess so you can't really be THAT disappointed with the Eagles but... disappointing

Minnesota - so close.. yet so.. far. No Purple Jesus in the playoffs is a crime. Adrian Peterson is a shoe-in for rookie of the year and if he plays like he did this year for the rest of his career he'll be a shoe-in for Canton too.

Detroit - what was that Kitna, 10 wins? Another team that bottled spectacularly after showing some rare promise.

Chicago - same story as Baltimore, defence couldn't make the big plays they did last year which exposed a hideously weak offence. Propped up on more than one occasion by the brilliance of Devin Hester

New Orleans - late flourish not enough to make up for a poor poor season

Cardinals - I was daring to dream that the Cards may actually reach the promised land this year. Again, another team that let go of playoff glory when it was in their grasp. A real shame for a team with some fearsome offensive talent

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