Monday 31 December 2007

Playoff Picture

AFC Wildcard
Jacksonville (5) at Pittsburgh (4)
Tennessee (6) at San Diego (3)

NFC Wildcard
Washington (6) at Seattle (3)
New York Giants (5) at Tampa Bay (4)

New England (1) and Indianapolis (2) get byes into the next round in the AFC as do Dallas (1) and Green Bay (2) in the NFC. The (1) seed will play the winner of (4) vs. (5) whilst the number (2) will obviously play the winner of (3) vs. (6).

The AFC looks set to continue its dominance over the entire league this season, the playoff teams on their side of the draw are considerably better than their NFC counterparts. Personally I believe (hope with all my heart) that Jacksonville will roll the Steelers in Heinz Field before bowing out manfully to New England in the next round. I'd also presume a somewhat shaky looking Chargers outfit to scrape by Tennessee before being soundly whomped by Manning and the Colts in Indy.

The Jaguars enter the postseason as THE team no one wants to play. Qualifying for the playoffs as second best in their division behind the Colts kind of allowed Jacksonville to enter the playoff arena under the radar. But this team has a solid running game that could throw a sufficiently large spanner in any franchise's playoff aspirations. In David Garrard they have found an efficient QB that can kickstart that offence should the running game splutter. Their defence is gonna have to step up against the Pittsburgh unit which is ranked number one in the NFL. For their part the Steelers have the experience of winning a Superbowl a year or two ago and an offence that operates in a fairly similar way to Jacksonvilles. Smashmouth football (best phrase ever), like vs like... but J-ville do it better.

I reckon the Jags - Steelers could be a classic but the Titans - Chargers game... meh, the Titans seem to have picked it up over the last few weeks as have the Chargers after their dismal opening to the year. That being said I'm not convinced either of these two can go the distance. Both have young, inexperienced QBs who have misfired spectacularly this year and both teams have not done enough to convince me they can topple the Colts in the next round.. making this game somewhat irrelevant really

oh and btw I'm moderately upset that Tennessee got into the playoffs instead of Cleveland.

My sorrow at the Browns exclusion from the Big Dance is somewhat lessened by the ridiculousness that is the Washington Redskins finding themselves in the Superbowl hunt. If I remember correctly Washington not only needed to win yesterday to get in, but also for New Orleans to lose away at Chicago and Minnesota to lose on the road to Denver. Both duly lost, Washington won and out of nowhere the 'Skins are in the playoffs.

And I hope to christ they beat Seattle cos, well I just don't like the Seahawks. They probably are a lot better than I give them credit for but when you're in a division with the 49ers, Rams and the Cardinals... of course you're gonna do well.

Not to be too disparaging towards the NFC but I couldn't give a donkeys who wins the other game, though I suspect younger (lesser) Manning to bottle (again) and New York to crash out with a whimper in Tampa and then the Bucs will roll into Dallas to be thoroughly spanked by Romo's Cowboys So in a nutshell:
San Diego to beat Tennessee
Jacksonville to beat Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay to beat New York
Washington to beat Seattle

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yeboah21 said...

But San Diego beat Indy half way through the season, play it again Sam!