Tuesday 4 December 2007

It's A Moral Victory

"Sean is the only thing we playing for tonight, you understand that? What this means? Its about family right now. One of our brothers is going home to rest, lets send him home right" - Ray Lewis

Now I had, perhaps naively assumed, that the only team to be truly galvanised by the death of Redskins Safety Sean Taylor would be his own Washington teammates. But on the evidence of Baltimore's defensive heroics last night it seems that Taylors untimely passing was all the inspiration Ray Lewis and co. needed to play possibly their best game of the season.

And for a defensive unit desperately trying to rediscover that ruthless dominance of previous years this couldn't have come at a better time. With the Pats coming to Baltimore with an 11-0 record squaring off against a poor Ravens team that had lost its last five games everything looked set for another blowout victory for New England.

New England did win eventually 27-24 after a last ditch hail mary pass from Kyle Boller was caught just two yards shy of the end zone a time expired. That's how close this game was. Despite their troubled season Baltimore have come closer than any other team this year to toppling Tom Brady's points scoring machine holding the QB to his worst rating for the season. Even the Baltimore offence stepped up for once, RB Willis McGahee going for a buck thirty-eight whilst QB Kyle Boller showed a rare (yet still ultimately unspectacular) show of competence throwing for 2 TDs and just one pick.

Still that wasn't enough to stop the New England juggernaut as the Patriots move to 12-0 and the Ravens slide further towards mediocrity at 4-8. (At least they're still ahead of the Bengals... I hope). Despite the loss it was a fitting way for one of the best defences in the league to pay homage to one of the most promising young Safetys. I still love you Baltimore, don't worry


Anonymous said...

The Mighty Steelers will Triumh!!

Kyle W said...

Nice post it was the best MNF game I can remember in a long time. Rex Ryan won't want to look at himself for a while

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