Monday 17 December 2007


Not content with ruining this season for their own fans, the Baltimore Ravens seem to be going out of their way to disappoint just about everybody who follows the NFL this year. Miami were three, THREE games away from a 'Black Season'. 0-16, it would have stood as the worst record ever in the NFL and could have acted as a fitting reflection of the Patriots 16-0 record (the one and only team to have a completely perfect season were the 1972 Dolphins, more on that in a bit). It was essentially a done deal, Miami play New England next week and after Brady had done a number on their piss poor defence Carson Palmer and his Bengalis will most probably rip the Dolphins to shreds in the last week of the season. All Baltimore needed to do, the only thing every NFL fan (bar Miami fans I guess) prayed for the Ravens to do was just not to suck for one game... one game... please?

Miami 22-16 Baltimore
... goddammit... the worst thing about this game is that the Ravens should have won it. The tie went into overtime and Baltimore worked themselves into field goal territory only for 'Mr. Reliable' to push his attempt wide. Up steps that random QB Miami have who throws an absolute bomb which blows up the already porous Ravens secondary for the winning score. Miami wins, the football community mourns

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