Tuesday 6 November 2007


Apologies for my general laziness in posting recently but I have been preoccupied with several other ventures including:
28th-30th October - Giants at Dolphins in Wembley
3rd November - Bloc Party
5th November - Sir Neville Marriner, Beethoven't 6th and 7th symphonies
... actually that's pretty much been it, I'm just incredibly lazy

Buuuut Wembley was unbelievable, the new stadium is quite possibly one of the most impressive structures I have ever had the privilege to watch sports and get drunk in. And the crowd were fantastic despite (I presume) a general ignorance of the sport and judging by the myriad of different jerseys to be seen around the stadium little to no love for either the Giants or the Dolphins.

This was the first NFL regular season game to be played overseas which is kinda the equivalent of playing a Champions League game in the States and as such, the crowd really did rise to the occasion. The atmosphere inside the stadium was awesome even though the game itself came under attack from some typically blustery London weather.

This was never going to be a particularly high scoring affair anyway but the weather really threw a considerably sodden spanner in the works. Both teams struggled to establish any kind of pass offence and the match degenerated into a battle for field possession with the Giants eventually eking out a win 13-10.

Moments of the game:
1.Eli Manning's hilariously slow TD run
2.Cleo Lemon's equally hilarious fumble
3.That dropped interception by the Giants safety (closest the crowd came to a 'HI-OOOOO YOU'RE SHIT!' moment)
and this guy...

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