Tuesday 20 November 2007

Maurice Jones-Drew LEVELS Shawne Merriman

Maurice Jones-Drew: 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 208 pounds
Shawne Merriman: 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 272 pounds

Camped on the San Diego goalline the Jags use a play-fake to get in for a touchdown. Now look at the right hand side of the Jag's O-Line as Jones-Drew sells the play-fake to the right and then absolutely obliterates Shawne 'Lights Out' Merriman. The Jags went on to beat the Chargers 24-17.
I'm holding back from any further mockery of the Chargers in light of Baltimore's humiliating loss to Cleveland... which I'm going to pretend never happened


Champagne said...

have you seen that before/after pic of merriman since he's been off the steroids. he used to not have a neck but now he does. moral of the story getting knocked over by pocket hercules bad. steroids good.

Anonymous said...

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