Tuesday 6 November 2007

Half-Way House - AFC

Week 9 has just passed us by in the NFL and with every team having played at least 8 games at this stage I feel a review be in order
AFC North
Pittsburgh (6-2)
Cleveland (5-3)
Baltimore (4-4)
Cincinatti (1-7)

I'd rather skip over this division to be honest. My beloved Ravens were on the receiving end of a 38-7 drubbing last night courtesy of Roethlisberger's Steelers. A defeat that will probably turn out to be the defining moment of this season in the AFC North. The win gives Pittsburgh some breathing room at the top and condemns the Ravens to 3rd place below the Browns (oh the humiliation). With the timetable from hell coming into full effect in the second half of this season Baltimore look Donald Ducked to say the very least. (yes visits from Indy and New England are NOT going to help the Raven's situation)

AFC East
New England (9-0)
Buffalo (4-4)
New York Jets (1-8)
Miami (0-8)

New England = unstoppable, the rest of the AFC East = mediocre. After Belicheck-gate the Patriots are a team on a mission. A mission to embarrass every other offence and defence in the league. Playing with a large chip on their shoulder this ridiculously talented Pats' outfit have just simply been ripping teams apart this season. Brady's numbers are insane and he's been helped out a class receiving corps and a rock solid D all season long. Undefeated? Possibly. Playoff bound? Well bar a nuke hitting Foxboro, most definitely

AFC West
Kansas City (4-4)
San Diego (4-4)
Denver (3-5)
Oakland (2-6)

Worst. division. ever. The Chargers should count themselves lucky to be in a division that is so poor that they are still tied for top spot at (4-4). These 4 teams have probably been the most disappointing in the league. Even Oakland looked somewhat menacing this year but all the pre-season talk and posturing has come to nought. Denver have imploded, Kansas are as bad as they were last year and so are Oakland. The worst offenders however, are San Diego by the distance of a South California bush fire. New Coach Norv Turner has somehow failed to ignite an offence that couldn't stop scoring points last season. Rivers has looked a shadow of his former self as has L.T.. The AFC west is just a bit crap to be honest

AFC South
Indianapolis (7-1)
Tennessee (6-2)
Jacksonville (5-3)
Houston (4-5)

This has become the most infuriatingly predictable division over the last few years (so has the AFC east for that matter). I fully expect Manning and his Colts to recover from their loss against New England by thoroughly whomping every other team they play this season. The Titans may trouble Indy again as they did earlier in the season but I'm still highly sceptical of their chances of actually beating them. Good to see the Jags with a positive record and Houston slumping to their usual negative record at (4-5) after such promise earlier in the year. Everythings back to normal in the AFC South.

Playoff Predictions
1. New England
2. Indianapolis
3. Pittsburgh
4. San Diego
5. Tennessee (Wildcard)
6. Cleveland (Wildcard)

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