Tuesday 9 October 2007


England 12-10 Australia

*Yaawwwwwwwwn* As expected the Poms bored the Criminal Element into submission at Marseille on Saturday. Led by the boot of good aul' Jonny the Eng-u-lish once again proved that they are completely incapable of producing any kind of creative play to produce trys but were more than happy to subject the crowd in the stadium and the millions around the world to a thorough presentation on 'how to win at rugby when you're big, but not very good.'

Taking advantage of the fact that the Wallabies don't have the greatest pack in world rugby, the Poms set about bullying the Crooks' tight five off the park. The unsportsmanlike English refused to let the poor Aussies play. As if this was all some kind of twisted conspiracy referee Alain Rolland compounded the Wallabies misery by seeing fit to constantly penalise the belated Australians.

Despite the considerable obstacles amassed against them, the Aussies were able to navigate mount Sheridan and grab the games only try through Lote Tuquri. But with the English completely smothering the Aussie pack there was little the stifled Australian backline could accomplish with such meagre possession. The Poms turned the screw, Jonny kicked the goals and all of a sudden the Crooks were out.

As one happy (wasted) English fan I met in Cardiff said: 'After the game the most surprised guys were the 22 boys in white'

Boooo England

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Champagne said...

you can't blame England for thier tactics. It was what won them the match. If they had played any other way they would of been destroyed. besides I thought the game was exellent anyway. really tense and enjoyable. Englands defence must also be commended,every time Australia attacked England and made it into Englands twenty it looked like they could score but England ferocious tackling and rucking somehow always led to a turn over. especially sakay's try saving tackle when there were two players outside him.