Friday 14 September 2007

NFL Week One

Suffering as I was from a severe case of jet-lag I didn't watch/pay any kind of attention to the opening week of the NFL (all my energy was focused on the rugby world cup, and I do mean ALL my energy, time difference between Canada and Ireland first is mucho unaccommodating). Looking over the scores from the opening weekend a couple of results stand out. Home team in bold

Bengals 27-20 Ravens... boooooooo Mullane, booooooo

Chargers 14-3 Bears... so holding LT to his worst rushing total in 27 games isn't enough to beat San Diego apparently

Lions 36-21 Raiders... Oakland had one of the best defensve units last year so this is a BIG (note capitals) win for the perennially shite Detroit, flash in the pan or a sign of things to come?

Steelers 34-7 Browns... big points from Pittsburgh despite meagre passing numbers from a new and improved 'air-it-out' offence whilst another big loss for the Browns at home is another big push towards starting rookie QB Brady Quinn

Chiefs 3-20 Texans... there it is, the only game Houston will win all year

Eagles 13-16 Packers... old man Favre shuffles towards the all-time wins for a QB record, he needs a victory this week to break it.

Patriots 38-14 Jets... new offensive weapons Walker and Moss come up big for New England but the win has been somewhat tainted by this spying controversy that is now surrounding the Patriots camp


Anonymous said...

see Everett for the Bills? ouch

Jamie said...

thats me sorry^^