Monday 17 September 2007

NFL Week 2: Things Look Strange...

Scores Of Note (home team in italics)

Chargers 14-38 Patriots... over exposure to a certain Irish WR has had a seemingly catastrophic effect on the once terrifying San Diego offence who were never ever in this game. On the other side of the fence Moss goes for over 100 yards for his second consecutive week as the Pats move comfortably to 2-0

Raiders 20-23 Broncos... The Raiders let another game slip through their fingers as the Broncos claw home in overtime. Don't let their 2-0 start fool you, this Denver team is NOT good

Seahawks 20-23 Cardinals... bahahahahahahaahhhahaha, I don't like Seattle

Vikings 17-20 Lions... hmm Lions are 2-0... that's not right..

Saints 14-31 Bucs... boooo New Orleans drop to 0-2, old man Garcia looking good for Tampa though

Bengals 45-51 Browns... I don't know whats more hilarious, the fact that the Bengals LOST to the Browns, the fact that Carson Palmer threw for 6 touchdowns and Cincinnati still LOST to the Browns or the fact that the Browns are now 2-0. Former Raven cum-Brown Jamal Lewis ran for over 200 yards in this game, take that Baltimore

Texans 34-21 Panthers... Houston are 2-0... what the hell is wrong with this league at the moment... the Texans and Browns aren't supposed to win anything.. ever... I'm pretty sure it's a rule

49ers 17-16 Rams... 49ers are 2-0... there's some kind of conspiracy going down here I'm sure of it

Packers 35-13 Giants... old man Favre and his Pack go 2-0 whilst breaking some kind of record

I was gonna put up a Browns vid in honour of their win over the Bengalis but this is the only remotely interesting piece on youtube concerning the Browns (Oh and I am aawre that the Redskins-Eagles game hasn't been played at the time of publication but... I don't care about either of those teams and neither should you


Champagne said...

Rivers was rubbish in the first half and LT is a marked man so can't get any yards. 66 in two games is his worst start ever. but with 2 td's in the first game things aren't all bad. moss is deadly and with brady main reason why pats will win the super bowl.

Broncos will make the playoffs easily.

browns are 1-1 not 2-0. their QB is pretty good. came on for frye during the stealers game and got a rythem going on offence that was not present with frye.

49ers are tipped for playoffs but prob won't make it but with a young good squad they are definately improving texans have also improved alot.

How is favre still alive?

Macka said...

Mullane my NFL world was a happier place before you pointed out that mistake about the Browns' record

Also nigs on the Broncos reaching the playoffs, they're in a division with San Diego (who should, hopefully, get better) and Oakland who may be 0-2 but have ze potential to be mucho better as the season progresses.

The Broncos have only scrapped home against the Bills (15-14) and the Raiders (@ home) (23-20). Nothing to shout about imo