Wednesday 26 September 2007

I love Brett Favre

NFL Week 3
Titans 31-14 Saints... boooooooooo New Orleans boooooo, you've go nothing at the moment @ 0-3

Cowboys 34-10 Bears... Cowboys move to 3-0 wth a statement of T.O. related intent, Bears slip to 1-2

Jaguars 23-14 Broncos... I told ya Denver weren't any good

Bengals 21-24 Seahawks... hahahahahhhahaha nice football team Cincinatti

Brown 24-26 Raiders... The Browns... were .. oh so close... to back to back wins... but no

Chargers 24-31 THE PACK... I love Brett Favre, he's my hero

Lions 21-56 Eagles... that's more like the Lions we all know and love

Bills 7-38 Patriots... ouch

Colts 30-24 Texans... stupid Manning, you'll never be as loved as Brett

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jedimasterbooboo said...

I grew up an hour north of Green Bay Wisconsin. Football is a religion there and it's pretty scary. To me, anyway. Brett's not a bad player, tho eh?