Tuesday 4 September 2007

I Hate NFL Preseason

The initial euphoria of a return to football following a long summer drought has been replaced by the sudden realisation that I really don't like the NFL Preseason. These four games played before the start of the regular season are the greatest farce in professional sport. Every team is afraid of their big names getting hurt so all the duds get a run. This mean A) the quality of play nosedives and B) results give absolutely no indication of a teams strength or weaknesses. Case in point, the Baltimore Ravens. Record: 1-3 in the Preseason. Now at first you may think 'oh shit, what happened to the AFC North champs of last year?' but those three losses mean sweet fuck all since the Ravens starters played (at most) one quarter in each of those games. So with this in mind we'll just simply gloss over the last four-odd weeks of football and focus on the opening stretch to the regular season. The real deal.

Baltimore's opening month is (on paper) relatively straight forward bar a tough opener in Cincinatti (that is, if the Bengals can avoid the cops for the next 7 days). After whomping those cats on their own turf, Ray-Ray and co. return to host both the Jets and the Cardinals in successive weeks. In other words, chalk up two Ws in a row please. After disposing of those rejects, the Nevermores hit the road and travel to Cleveland to play the ever-shockingly poor Browns.

In conclusion: I'm a happy camper


Anonymous said...

yeah well the preseason allowed me to go to the chargers-seahawks game so feck off. too right though, LT doesn't even turn out for preseason games! what a joke! you're right though, baltimore 1&3 shows little indication of what they'll be like from next week. watch out for cincinnati in the north, 8-8 last season but palmer should get the offense goin better this year and id expect them to win at least 10 games.

- Hugo

Champagne said...

Pre- season is a joke to certain extent. perhaps more to the fan then the team and coaching staff, ie. second and third string given thier chance to impress and if there is an injury get picked.
To be honest alot of American commentators aren't that convinced of the Ravens prowess this season with many people believing (I Included) that they won't make the playoffs, But I suppose we'll just see

Champagne said...

Oh And the Bengals will win nine