Wednesday 26 September 2007

I love Brett Favre

NFL Week 3
Titans 31-14 Saints... boooooooooo New Orleans boooooo, you've go nothing at the moment @ 0-3

Cowboys 34-10 Bears... Cowboys move to 3-0 wth a statement of T.O. related intent, Bears slip to 1-2

Jaguars 23-14 Broncos... I told ya Denver weren't any good

Bengals 21-24 Seahawks... hahahahahhhahaha nice football team Cincinatti

Brown 24-26 Raiders... The Browns... were .. oh so close... to back to back wins... but no

Chargers 24-31 THE PACK... I love Brett Favre, he's my hero

Lions 21-56 Eagles... that's more like the Lions we all know and love

Bills 7-38 Patriots... ouch

Colts 30-24 Texans... stupid Manning, you'll never be as loved as Brett

Tuesday 25 September 2007

The NHL is back

Round 1: NY Rangers vs NY Islanders

Saturday 22 September 2007

A New Power Is Rising, And It Wears Baby Blue

September 16th
Fiji 29-16 Canada
Samoa 15-19 Tonga
France 87-10 Namibia

September 18th
Scotland 42-0 Romania

September 19th
Italy 31-5 Portugal

September 21st
France 25-3 Ireland

September 22nd
South Africa 30-25 Tonga
England 44-22 Samoa
Argentina 63-3 Namibia

Ireland are all but out at this stage, the boys in green need to shift something like 80 points against Argy Bargy in their last pool game to get through. The Argentines look poised to top the group and avoid the Blackness in the quarter finals, the dubious honour of playing the Kiwis set to fall to the host nation France. That is set to be a mother of a game though, both Argentina and France have been looking good in the second half of the group stages. Argentina will now have their sights set on a semi-final berth given that they'll be played ze Scots or the Italians in the next round. The French can take some heart from the fact that New Zealand haven't really been tested in the pool stages but... I reckon the Frogs are still in for a right thumping.

Across the other pools, the Islanders put on one hell of a show this week with Samoa and Tonga fist of all kicking several shades of shit out of each other. A mother of a game which saw the underdog Tongans sneak by four points. Then six days later the Tongans nearly produce the shock of the tournie by scaring the Springboks witless in a game only won when Boks coach Jake White emptied his bench to prop up his floundering second string team. Later in the day Samoa played England, and given the Poms recent form, most were predicting an upset but with the return of Jonny Boy at ten the English were back to their usually monotonous, boring ways and strangled the islanders out of the match-up. Credit to the English though, they looked about hundred times better today then they have in the last four years.

The Quarter Final teams are all but decided bar group B, with the second place spot still up for grabs between Fiji and Wales now that the Evil Wizard Mortlock and his Wallabies have clinched the first place.
I'll post again in about a week, until then, BOOOOOO England, Lets go TONGA!!

World Cup XV so far
1. Os du Randt (South Africa)
2. Mario Ledesma (Argentina)
3. Carl Hayman (New Zealand)
4. Ali Williams (New Zealand)
5. Sebastien Chabal (France)
6. Jerry Collins (New Zealand)
7. Nili Latu (Tonga)
8. Finau Maka (Tonga)
9. Fourie du Preez (South Africa)
10. Juan Hernandez (Argentina)
11. Vincent Clerc (France)
12. Felipe Contopomi (Argentina)
13. Stirling Mortlock (Australia)
14. Ignacio Corleto (Argentina)
15. Chris Latham (Australia)

Thursday 20 September 2007

UFC 76: Knockout

Chuck 'The Iceman' Liddel vs Keith 'The Dean of Mean' Jardine

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua vs Forrest Griffin

Jon Fitch vs Diego 'NIghtmare' Sanchez

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not really remotely interested in the Sanchez fight but it was the third fight on the card so I figured it must be relatively important. In actual fact I'm not too interested in the Liddel-Jardine brawl either, I'll be watching this fight night purely to see Shogun Rua potentially dismantle Forrest Griffin limb by limb. I've heard good things about this guy, painful things.

Monday 17 September 2007

NFL Week 2: Things Look Strange...

Scores Of Note (home team in italics)

Chargers 14-38 Patriots... over exposure to a certain Irish WR has had a seemingly catastrophic effect on the once terrifying San Diego offence who were never ever in this game. On the other side of the fence Moss goes for over 100 yards for his second consecutive week as the Pats move comfortably to 2-0

Raiders 20-23 Broncos... The Raiders let another game slip through their fingers as the Broncos claw home in overtime. Don't let their 2-0 start fool you, this Denver team is NOT good

Seahawks 20-23 Cardinals... bahahahahahahaahhhahaha, I don't like Seattle

Vikings 17-20 Lions... hmm Lions are 2-0... that's not right..

Saints 14-31 Bucs... boooo New Orleans drop to 0-2, old man Garcia looking good for Tampa though

Bengals 45-51 Browns... I don't know whats more hilarious, the fact that the Bengals LOST to the Browns, the fact that Carson Palmer threw for 6 touchdowns and Cincinnati still LOST to the Browns or the fact that the Browns are now 2-0. Former Raven cum-Brown Jamal Lewis ran for over 200 yards in this game, take that Baltimore

Texans 34-21 Panthers... Houston are 2-0... what the hell is wrong with this league at the moment... the Texans and Browns aren't supposed to win anything.. ever... I'm pretty sure it's a rule

49ers 17-16 Rams... 49ers are 2-0... there's some kind of conspiracy going down here I'm sure of it

Packers 35-13 Giants... old man Favre and his Pack go 2-0 whilst breaking some kind of record

I was gonna put up a Browns vid in honour of their win over the Bengalis but this is the only remotely interesting piece on youtube concerning the Browns (Oh and I am aawre that the Redskins-Eagles game hasn't been played at the time of publication but... I don't care about either of those teams and neither should you

Sunday 16 September 2007

BOOM!! Rugby World Cup Edition: Brian 'The Chiropractor' Lima

about 15 seconds in.. (qualifying game against Fiji)

about 25 seconds in... (against South Africa in RWC 2003)

about 1:25 in... (against South Africa in RWC 2007)

Leave Belichick Alone!!

For those who are unaware of recent developments in the NFL, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has come under fire for allegedly cheating during last weeks game against the New York Jets. A member of the Pats coaching staff was found wandering the Jets sideline, camera in hand, supposedly spying on their defensive calls. So far, if memory serves, Belichick has been fined the NFL maximum of $500,000, the Pats' owner is facing a fine of $250,000 and should New England reach the playoffs, they will be stripped of their first round pick in next years draft. If they fail to reach the post season they only lose their 2nd and 3rd round picks. (I would like to point out that the Pariots actually already have 2 first round picks this year anyway thanks to the deal that brought Moss to New England)

btw this is a piss take of this 'passionate' fan's reaction to the negative rection one Britney Spears received following her recent performance at the VMAs

Saturday 15 September 2007

Georgia On My Mind

September 11th
Argentina 33-3 Georgia

September 12th
USA 15-25 Tonga
Japan 31-35 Fiji
Italy 24-18 Romania

September 14th
England 0-36 South Africa

September 15th
New Zealand 108-13 Portugal
Wales 20-32 Australia
Ireland 14-10 Georgia

This is the Minnows World Cup cried one tv pundit during the debacle of a match that was the Irish game last night. With all fairness to the emerging nations, although they have shown an enormous amont of heart that is for whatever reason lacking in the established nations play, these low scoring, tight games between the emerging ntions and the home countries are more a result of the big northern hemisphere teams just not turning up to play. So far Ireland have twice come close to an embarrassing upset (Namibia and Georgia), Italy stuttered after being thumped by the Blackness against Romania, the Welsh took their time to dispath the Canadians, Argy Bargy had a deceptively tough time of it against Namibia and the English were made to look decidedly ordinary by the Yanks. Not to take anything away from the smaller nations, they have truly dispelled any pre-tournament fears concerning their inability to stand against the rugby nations but the scorelines thus far have been smewhat misguiding as far as guaging the gulf betwen the rugby tiers. This tournament has been an anomally created mainly by the northern hemisphere teams laxadasical attitude. Look what South Africa, New Zealand and Australia have done to Samoa, Portugal and Japan respectvely for a more accurate depiction of the vast space between the rugby tiers.

As well as the 'apparent' rise of the small nations the most striking aspect of this week came from THE big game of the week, Fouie du Preez vs England... I mean South Africa vs England. The Pom were bloody awful, suffering their first shut-out in over a hundred games and being completely domnted in every facert of the game by a Springboks team that was simply better than them at everything. Even more embarrassingly for the English management, were seemingly in cruise control for the entire game. I have never seen a team so thoroughly dominated in every aspect of the gme, over every inch of the park, it was impressive by the Boks, woeful from England. If this isn't enough of a kick in the balls for the former world champions to drop their old-guard (and Ashton while they're at it) and start afresh I dunno what is. Worst World Champions Ever!!

Predictions (Winners in italics)
September 16th
Canada - Fiji
Samoa - Tonga
France - Namibia

September 18th
Scotland - Romania

September 19th
Italy - Portugal

September 20th
Wales- Japan

September 21st
Ireland - France

Friday 14 September 2007

NFL Week One

Suffering as I was from a severe case of jet-lag I didn't watch/pay any kind of attention to the opening week of the NFL (all my energy was focused on the rugby world cup, and I do mean ALL my energy, time difference between Canada and Ireland first is mucho unaccommodating). Looking over the scores from the opening weekend a couple of results stand out. Home team in bold

Bengals 27-20 Ravens... boooooooo Mullane, booooooo

Chargers 14-3 Bears... so holding LT to his worst rushing total in 27 games isn't enough to beat San Diego apparently

Lions 36-21 Raiders... Oakland had one of the best defensve units last year so this is a BIG (note capitals) win for the perennially shite Detroit, flash in the pan or a sign of things to come?

Steelers 34-7 Browns... big points from Pittsburgh despite meagre passing numbers from a new and improved 'air-it-out' offence whilst another big loss for the Browns at home is another big push towards starting rookie QB Brady Quinn

Chiefs 3-20 Texans... there it is, the only game Houston will win all year

Eagles 13-16 Packers... old man Favre shuffles towards the all-time wins for a QB record, he needs a victory this week to break it.

Patriots 38-14 Jets... new offensive weapons Walker and Moss come up big for New England but the win has been somewhat tainted by this spying controversy that is now surrounding the Patriots camp

Monday 10 September 2007

Rugby World Cup: Opening Shots

September 7th
France 12-17 Argentina

September 8th
New Zealand 76-14 Italy
Australia 91-3 Japan
England 28-10 USA

September 9th
Wales 42-17 Canada
South Africa 59-7 Samoa
Scotland 56-10 Portugal
Ireland 32-17 Namibia

There was an air of predictability floating around the results from the opening weekend of the RWC. The hammerings dealt out by the All Blacks, Criminals and Boks against relative minnows (Italy, Japan and Samoa respectively) were somewhat expected. Although special note should be made of the Kiwis domination of the Italians; unlike the drubbings inflicted upon Japan or Samoa New Zealand were made to work hard for their 76 points, making their victory easily the most impressive of the three southern hemisphere nations, and somewhat terrifying for the rest of their competition.

Whilst the boys from south of the equator got off to a flying start the home nations sputtered and struggled into life. Wales and Scotland took 60 odd minutes to finally get motoring against weak opponents, both teams completely unconvincing in their first outings. Ireland were a hollow mockery of the team that has shown such potential over the past few years in the Six Nations. The Irish had real difficulties dominating a Namibian side that had been smashed by over a hundred points by South Africa in the build-up to the world cup.

Ireland's problems are heightened by the shock success of group rivals Argentina who overcame hosts France in the tournament opener in Paris. A French team completely devoid of direction found themselves bullied around the park by a much more aggressive Argentine eight who completely controlled the contact situation for the entire eighty minutes. Dispatching of the French puts the Argentines into a very powerful position in the group of death, putting increasing pressure on a seemingly out of form Ireland team to perform.

Predictions (predicted winners in italics)
September 11th
Argentina - Georgia

September 12th
USA - Tonga
Japan - Fiji
Italy - Romania

September 14th
England - South Africa

September 15th
New Zealand - Portugal
Wales - Australia
Ireland - Georgia

Tuesday 4 September 2007

I Hate NFL Preseason

The initial euphoria of a return to football following a long summer drought has been replaced by the sudden realisation that I really don't like the NFL Preseason. These four games played before the start of the regular season are the greatest farce in professional sport. Every team is afraid of their big names getting hurt so all the duds get a run. This mean A) the quality of play nosedives and B) results give absolutely no indication of a teams strength or weaknesses. Case in point, the Baltimore Ravens. Record: 1-3 in the Preseason. Now at first you may think 'oh shit, what happened to the AFC North champs of last year?' but those three losses mean sweet fuck all since the Ravens starters played (at most) one quarter in each of those games. So with this in mind we'll just simply gloss over the last four-odd weeks of football and focus on the opening stretch to the regular season. The real deal.

Baltimore's opening month is (on paper) relatively straight forward bar a tough opener in Cincinatti (that is, if the Bengals can avoid the cops for the next 7 days). After whomping those cats on their own turf, Ray-Ray and co. return to host both the Jets and the Cardinals in successive weeks. In other words, chalk up two Ws in a row please. After disposing of those rejects, the Nevermores hit the road and travel to Cleveland to play the ever-shockingly poor Browns.

In conclusion: I'm a happy camper

Saturday 1 September 2007

Auckland Flyer Heading To Munster

After the rugby world cup in France Dougie Howlett is staying in ze northern hemisphere to play for Irish provincial side Munster. Now those bogger bastards never have had much of a backline in recent years but seeing as Howlett is still young and coming off a stellar season in the Super 14, this is an amazing acquisition for them country folk. 43 tries in 60 tests for New Zealand... 4 short of the all time All Black record... 43 tries... 60 tests...