Saturday 11 August 2007


Scotland 31-21 Ireland
- Murrayfield
- 11/08/07

1.Allan Jacobsen
2.Ross Ford
3.Euan Murray
4.Nathan Hines
5.Jim Hamilton
6.Jason White
7.Allister Hogg
8.Simon Taylor
9.Mike Blair
10.Chris Paterson
11.Simon Webster
12.Andrew Henderson
13.Rob Dewey
14.Sean Lamont
15.Rory Lamont

1.Bryan Young
2.Jerry Flannery
3.Simon Best
4.Malcolm O'Kelly
5.Paul O'Connell
6.Neil Best
7.Stephen Ferris
8.Jamie Heaslip
9.Isaac Boss
10.Paddy Wallace
11.Tommy Bowe
12.Gavin Duffy
13.Brian O'Driscoll
14.Brian Carney
15.Geordan Murphy

emm.. yes.. well... ehhh

That's a bit disconcerting innit? Question 1: Why didn't Eddie put out our best team? I know we still have another game to play but surely it would make more sense to get the first team as much playing time as possible seeing as they haven't been together in a test match environment since the Six Nations. Question 2: Why is Tommy Bowe still even in consideration for a berth on this Irish squad? His mere presence on the field of play brings Irish playing standards.

In a similar fashion to the fact the England annihilated what turned out to be pretty much the Welsh third team the Scots have pulled a fast one on the Irish second squad so its not that bad to be honest. In fact if the names O'Driscoll and O'Connell were omitted from that team list I wouldn't have given this result a second glance. The fact that it was Scotland though, granted the kilted ones were at home but still, losing to Scotland... really?

Ireland second warm-up game will be against those filthy Italian swine on the 24th of August up in the occupied six counties at Ravenhill. What could possibly go wrong...


The Swiss Job said...

I have to admit it hurt losing to the Scots but they did deserve it and I' worried now about the World Cup. I thought, if we could sneak winning our group stage we'd come up against them in the quarters. Piss easy ticket to the semis, says I. Not so any more. Damn those kilted, offal eating hillbillies.

Anonymous said...

just be thankful you all got to watch our excellent men doing our thing. i was at work and missed it. does noone remember this years six nations? you only just beat us then.