Thursday 30 August 2007

Impossible Is Nothing

I think I may have creamed myself a little bit when I found these, I love this ad campaign

Rugby World Cup Fantasy League

It's on like Donkey Kong
Division name: irelandforthewin
Password: trytime

Monday 27 August 2007

Oh Canada

Sarah Burke is a skier of some description whose training base is in Whistler, just north of Vancity... so ye.. there's justification for me to post about her, skiing.. thats kind of a sport.. (update: ok she is actually class, pardon my sarcasm)
more pics on FHM online

Sunday 26 August 2007

UFC 74: Rrrrrrrrrrandy 'The Naturaaaaaal' Coutuuuuuuuure

I now firmly believe that Couture is actually some kind of malevolent fighting machine... but with a heart of gold. He beat up Gonzaga pretty damn badly the other night, check out Gabriel's new multi-piece nose (pictured). GSP beat that cocky bollocks Koschek and Huerta beat Crane in the fights that mattered (imo).

here are some vids, watch em while they're still up


What the bloody hell part 3

Ireland 23-20 Italy

I just don't know anymore..

Saturday 25 August 2007

Michael Vick

It's all over the internet already but those who don't know Michael Vick has pleaded guilty to bankrolling the dog fighting that took place in his gaff. Although he has also declared that he did not personally place any bets himself... which is kinda irrevalent considering he funded the whole thing. So being responsible for the killing and maiming of dogs as well as running an illegal gambling ring in his house could land him.... (drum rrrrrrol please) 1 year in prison... or so I've heard.

Take that Mike

Friday 24 August 2007

Monday 20 August 2007


You got KTFO son

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Ohhhhhhhhh SNAP!!!

On top of the rugby world cup this could spell the end of academic life as I know it

Saturday 11 August 2007


Scotland 31-21 Ireland
- Murrayfield
- 11/08/07

1.Allan Jacobsen
2.Ross Ford
3.Euan Murray
4.Nathan Hines
5.Jim Hamilton
6.Jason White
7.Allister Hogg
8.Simon Taylor
9.Mike Blair
10.Chris Paterson
11.Simon Webster
12.Andrew Henderson
13.Rob Dewey
14.Sean Lamont
15.Rory Lamont

1.Bryan Young
2.Jerry Flannery
3.Simon Best
4.Malcolm O'Kelly
5.Paul O'Connell
6.Neil Best
7.Stephen Ferris
8.Jamie Heaslip
9.Isaac Boss
10.Paddy Wallace
11.Tommy Bowe
12.Gavin Duffy
13.Brian O'Driscoll
14.Brian Carney
15.Geordan Murphy

emm.. yes.. well... ehhh

That's a bit disconcerting innit? Question 1: Why didn't Eddie put out our best team? I know we still have another game to play but surely it would make more sense to get the first team as much playing time as possible seeing as they haven't been together in a test match environment since the Six Nations. Question 2: Why is Tommy Bowe still even in consideration for a berth on this Irish squad? His mere presence on the field of play brings Irish playing standards.

In a similar fashion to the fact the England annihilated what turned out to be pretty much the Welsh third team the Scots have pulled a fast one on the Irish second squad so its not that bad to be honest. In fact if the names O'Driscoll and O'Connell were omitted from that team list I wouldn't have given this result a second glance. The fact that it was Scotland though, granted the kilted ones were at home but still, losing to Scotland... really?

Ireland second warm-up game will be against those filthy Italian swine on the 24th of August up in the occupied six counties at Ravenhill. What could possibly go wrong...

Premiership Preview

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Tialata + Karma = TKO

Neemia Tialata gained a degree of infamy for an apparent attempt at strangling New Zealand captain Richie McCaw during a Super 14 game between McCaw's Crusaders and Tialata's Hurricanes. Well it would appear that karma has caught up with the would be Long Island Strangler as he was TKFO recently in a Air New Zealand Cup game, watch the front of the lineout in the clip below

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Tiger Cub

It just goes to show, if you push your offspring long and hard enough from the time that they're able to walk, they will achieve great success

Monday 6 August 2007

What The Bloody Hell....

England 62-5 Wales
- Twickenham
- 04/08/2007

Right... emmm how exactly did this happen? Well aside from being at home if you look at the Welsh team I think you'll realise that the majority of their quality players were left to tend to their sheep in the valleys last weekend. In fact in many cases Wales were playing their third choice players; Cooper at 9, Sweeney at 10 and who the Christ is Will James?

Now bearing the fact that it was the Welsh third team essentially that made the journey to 'Fortress' Twickers the Eng-u-lish fielded pretty much their number one squad. Not to take anything away from England though, I mean for a team that usually struggles to create any try scoring drives netting nine is some achievement. But then again on closer inspection 5 of those nine trys were nabbed by the pack, including four for Nick Easter.

So conclusion to be made from this debacle of a rugby match are: 1) Nothing near a full-strength Welsh 'B' team were playing, 2) It was probably the best England had on display, 3) England had home field advantage, 4) The Poms obviously played their dated smash-it-up-the-middle rugby against a vastly inferior Welsh pack, 5) So they still haven't addressed their crippling lack of any kind of back line threat or creativity BUT 6) Since it was a record defeat of the Welsh expect the English press to hail these conquering heroes as capable of defending the world cup, 7) Be prepared to laugh when that happens

1 - Andrew Sheridan
2 - Mark Regan
3 - Phil Vickery
4 - Simon Shaw
5 - Steve Borthwick
6 - Martin Corry
7 - Joe Worsley
8 - Nick Easter
9 - Shaun Perry
10- Jonny Wilkinson
11- Jason Robinson
12- Andy Farrell
13- Dan Hipkiss
14- David Strettle
15- Matthew Tait

Subs: 16 - George Chuter, 17 - Matt Stevens, 18 - Lewis Moody, 19 - Lawrence Dallaglio, 20 - Peter Richards, 21 - Toby Flood.

1 - Iestyn Thomas
2 - Huw Bennett
3 - Chris Horseman
4 - Will James
5 - Rob Sidoli
6 - Alun-Wyn Jones
7 - Colin Charvis
8 - Michael Owen
9 - Gareth Cooper
10- Ceri Sweeney
11- Dafydd James
12- Gareth Thomas
13- Tom Shanklin
14- Aled Blew
15- Lee Byrne

Subs: 16 - Thomas Reece Thomas, 17 - Gethin Jenkins, 18 - Rhys Thomas, 19 - Alix Popham, 20 - Mike Phillips, 21 - James Hook, 22 - Tom James.