Saturday 21 July 2007

It's football... but not as we know it

- BC Lions 22-18 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
- July 19th, BC Place

I've been to Lansdowne Road many times, I've found myself in the harsh cold of Murrayfield on more than one occasion, I've even been to the bastion of French rugby that is the Stade de France three times but nothing could've prepared me for BC Place. Stade Toulousien, The Stoop, Ravenhill, nothing would compare to this...

That eerie quiet.. that complete lack of emotion... where the hell was the heart goddammit? I've seen more passionate fans at a Schools Senior Cup first round match back home. The crowd actually had to be prompted into cheering by an announcer, it was embarrassing.

Though I did try not to let that little blip detract from the spectacle of watching American Football's northern counterpart. Although there was a somewhat distinct feeling of inferiority throughout the whole experience. These players (though they do try god bless 'em) simply aren't as quick, strong, agile, athletic, skilled as their Yank counterparts in the NFL. So watch you get is a kind of NFL-lite - more mistakes, more penalties, worse play (I actually witnessed a QB throw a pass intended for a wide-open receiver into one of his own linemen) which creates an arguably more open game. These CFL players aren't as 'perfect' as NFL players so littered amongst all the mistakes there are the occasional big impressive plays, born more from a defensive blunder than actual offensive ability however.

As far as an experience goes, it was definitely worth going to the game, our seats were cheap ($20) and we had a damn good view. The stadium itself is so big, very spacious, expansive and for some reason hot as hell. And whatever about the quality of play, at the very least it was intersting to see some kind of gridiron live eh? I have an inkling that London and Wembley Stadium may blow it out of the water though... LETS GO GIANTS!!!! in 2/3 months time

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