Tuesday 31 July 2007

'It's the wrong ball coach'

This is just genius... and landed these kids a slot on the Letterman show apparently

Sunday 22 July 2007

Kiwis On The Warpath

- New Zealand 26-12 Australia
- 21/7/07 - Eden Park, Auckland

[Blatantly stolen from the Rugby Roundtable]

I was born on the deck of a Criminal Boat
My mama used to dance for the food theyd throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Take a little anal, skull a couple bottles of doctor good

Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
Wed hear it from the members stand
Theyd call us gypsys, tramps, and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay my mother down

Picked up a wing from the south of Fiji
A few Coconuts and some Bro Mozzies
Throw them in together with George and Bernie
Cross all our fingers
Cos all the rest are whiteys

Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
Wed hear it from the members stand
Theyd call us gypsys, tramps, and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And tie my ‘roo down

To be sung enmass, to groups of the Criminal Element, anywhere in the world at anytime. Regardless of the result in the weekend, they must never forget from whence they came. Tune of some famous Cher song, I dunno which one..

Again I managed to miss this game but after briefly scrolling through the scorers I see D.C. manged to net himself 7 penalties, Woodcock adding the 5 for New Zealand's 26 so I'm presuming it was a messy affair, Australia giving away a lot of penalties and being slowly kicked to death.

As an aside New Zealand have announced a 29-man squad for the World Cup, leaving one single place still up for grabs. The squad so far is:

Dan Carter
Jerry Collins
Andrew Ellis
Nick Evans
Carl Hayman
Andrew Hore
Doug Howlett
Chris Jack
Byron Kelleher
Sione Lauaki
Brendon Leonard
Luke McAlister
Richie McCaw
Leon MacDonald
Chris Masoe
Aaron Mauger
Keven Mealamu
Malili Muliaina
Anton Oliver
Keith Robinson
Josevata Rokocoko
Sitiveni Sivivatu
Conrad Smith
Rodney So’oialo
Reuben Thorne
Neemia Tialata
Isaia Toeava
Ali Williams
Tony Woodcock

I think the French and the Sud Afrikens have announced their squads too, the Criminality release theirs on Monday and... I dunno about the other big 10 countries

Saturday 21 July 2007

It's football... but not as we know it

- BC Lions 22-18 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
- July 19th, BC Place

I've been to Lansdowne Road many times, I've found myself in the harsh cold of Murrayfield on more than one occasion, I've even been to the bastion of French rugby that is the Stade de France three times but nothing could've prepared me for BC Place. Stade Toulousien, The Stoop, Ravenhill, nothing would compare to this...

That eerie quiet.. that complete lack of emotion... where the hell was the heart goddammit? I've seen more passionate fans at a Schools Senior Cup first round match back home. The crowd actually had to be prompted into cheering by an announcer, it was embarrassing.

Though I did try not to let that little blip detract from the spectacle of watching American Football's northern counterpart. Although there was a somewhat distinct feeling of inferiority throughout the whole experience. These players (though they do try god bless 'em) simply aren't as quick, strong, agile, athletic, skilled as their Yank counterparts in the NFL. So watch you get is a kind of NFL-lite - more mistakes, more penalties, worse play (I actually witnessed a QB throw a pass intended for a wide-open receiver into one of his own linemen) which creates an arguably more open game. These CFL players aren't as 'perfect' as NFL players so littered amongst all the mistakes there are the occasional big impressive plays, born more from a defensive blunder than actual offensive ability however.

As far as an experience goes, it was definitely worth going to the game, our seats were cheap ($20) and we had a damn good view. The stadium itself is so big, very spacious, expansive and for some reason hot as hell. And whatever about the quality of play, at the very least it was intersting to see some kind of gridiron live eh? I have an inkling that London and Wembley Stadium may blow it out of the water though... LETS GO GIANTS!!!! in 2/3 months time

Wednesday 18 July 2007

More Tri Nations

Ok from what I can gather so far... since the half way point the Criminality (Australia) have beaten the Boks which put them top of the table but then the Blackness beat the Sud Afrikens in New Zealand which has put the Kiwis on top of the table on points difference. So going into the final weekend Australia have two wins, one loss, New Zealand too have one win, one loss but a better points differential/more bonus points and the Boks have finished their Tri-Nations 'campaign' (I use that term loosely with regards the Springboks resting most of their players for this tournament) with 1 win and 3 losses.

Ok.. so it comes down to New Zealand vs Australia in Eden Park, Auckland this Saturday... I'm gonna go out on a limb and call a victory for the ABs in this one

New Zealand
1 - Tony Woodcock
2 - Anton Oliver
3 - Carl Hayman
4 - Chris Jack
5 - Keith Robinson
6 - Jerry Collins
7 - Richie McCaw (captain)
8 - Rodney So'oialo
9 - Byron Kelleher
10 - Dan Carter
11 - Josevata Rokocoko
12 - Luke McAlister
13 - Isaia Toeava
14 - Doug Howlett
15 - Mils Muliaina

Subs: 16 - Keven Mealamu, 17 - Neemia Tialata, 18 - Reuben Thorne, 19 - Chris Masoe, 20 - Brendon Leonard, 21 - Aaron Mauger, 22 - Nick Evans

1 - Matt Dunning
2 - Stephen Moore
3 - Guy Shepherdson
4 - Nathan Sharpe
5 - Dan Vickerman
6 - Rocky Elsom
7 - George Smith
8 - David Lyons
9 - George Gregan
10 - Stephen Larkham
11 - Drew Mitchell
12 - Matt Giteau
13 - Stirling Mortlock (captain)
14 - Mark Gerrard
15 - Adam Ashley-Cooper

Subs: 16 - Adam Freier, 17 - Al Baxter, 18 - Hugh McMeniman, 19 - Stephen Hoiles, 20 - Phil Waugh, 21 - Scott Staniforth, 22 - Chris Latham

There better be a damn good reason why Latham isn't starting for the Wallabies...

Mascot Race

I love these races

Saturday 14 July 2007

UFC 74 - Respect

UFC 74 takes place on the 25th of August in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is gonna be sweeeeeeet. I don't know or care about the rest of the fight card cos the two main events have been announced already and they're more than enough to keep me MMA sated for a while. The fight of the night is obviously the heavyweight championship bout between Randy 'Theeeeee Naaaaaaaatural' Couture (yay) and Gabriel Gonzaga (booo), the guy who did that (see below) to Mirko Cro Cop. Now not only do we get to see Randy kick/punch/grapple the living crap out of that Brazilian pretender (that Cro Cop fight was clearly rigged...) but the other fight on the card so far (according to the UFC homepage) is George St. Pierre versus Josh Koscheck. I don't care much for Koscheck, but St. Pierre is a French-Canadian hero and watching him fight is usually entertaining as hell so I'm sorted.

Not The Prettiest Game In The World

I was gonna buy a new Irish/Scottish rugger jersey in preparation for ze world cup but having only just seen the abominations that are the new Canterbury international line for said competition I think I'm gonna pass. I'm no fashion guru or whatever but these are just hideous. I hate those damn skin-tight shirts, they look like goddamn wetsuits, and don't exactly cater for the husky gentleman. The Sud Afriken, Kilted ones, Criminality and the Irish all have pretty much the exact same design to their kit too which sucks. A bit of variety never hurt anyone eh?

Tuesday 10 July 2007

Sean Sherk is insane

Thanks to Darragh for alerting me to this little beauty, UFC all access is almost too good sometimes, Sean Sherk is a freak!

Monday 2 July 2007

Tri-Nations - Halfway House

Ok, I know I've been slacking off post wise, especially with the tri-nations going on and all but I have a good excuse for the next 2 months: I'm in Canada... they don't do rugby in Canada, I am pretty much cut-off from the rugby world. Anyway its halfway house in the southern hemisphere competition and ze results so far have been;

South Africa 22-19 Australia

South Africa 21-26 New Zealand

Australia 20-15 New Zealand

Now before this wee competition began I was fairly confident Sud Afrika were set to dominate and New Zealand to struggle having seemingly underperformed in the Super 14. So far the Springboks and the Kiwis have both been rattled, something I wasn't expecting at all BUT I had a sneaking suspicion that those convicts across the ocean from the land of the long white cloud were simply biding their time before the world cup. Australia have infuriatingly managed to get them in prime world cup form just on the cusp of the big dance in September. They may have absolutely no depth but they've proven yet again that regardless of personnel they are a very competent and talented football team... the bastards just don't lose without one mother of a struggle

I dunno who to call for this, all three teams are balanced on a win apiece, Sud Afrika travel to Australia next before the Blackness entertain both the Bokke and then the Wallabies at home. I reckon its between the Wallabies or New Zealand.. two away games for the Boks is a tough ask. I'm gonna go with Australia... cos it's always awesome when the hilarious underdogs win (again please keep in mind that I'm making these presumptions having never seen any of the matches... so I could be completely wrong)

When Beckham Met Bush

Found this little gem this morning. If anyone remembers that Adidas ad a while back featuring Beckham and Wilkinson having a shot at each others sports... well this is Beckham trying his hand at American football whilst Reggie Bush gives 'soccer' a try