Friday 1 June 2007

UFC 72 - Victory

- Belfast, Ireland
- 16/6/07
- On tv: probably... I think it may be pay per view only though

Fight Card (Main bouts)
Rich 'Ace' Franklin vs Yushia Okami
- Middleweight

Forrest Griffin vs Hector Ramirez
- Light heavyweight

Rory Singer vs Jason MacDonald
- Middleweight

Clayy Guida vs Tyson Griffin
- Lightweight

When I heard that the UFC was coming to Ireland I poo-pooed it away as nought but idle gossip. And when UFC 70 (at least I think it was 70) was held in England I automatically presumed that was the end of the matter. The UFC had their moment for all the UK and European fans and would head back across the pond. Then this happened.. UFC 72... to be held in... Europe again? At the Odyssey... the Belfast Odyssey?!! As if that wasn't good enough two of my preferred fighters featured on the card too (Franklin and MacDonald). Then I saw the date... the 16th.. its on two days after I leave the country for Canada... bollocks

Anyway I strongly you to watch this and then inform me of who won what cos I dunno how much coverage it'll get in Canada (damn passive country). Franklin for the win and a subsequent title shot. If MacDonald and Forrest Griffin win, well that'd be awesome too

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