Wednesday 6 June 2007

Sebastien Chabal on Chris Masoe - BOOM!

A rugby pundit recently described the French number 8 Chabal as a cross between Jesus and Charles Manson. I'm inclined to agree with that description. This man is a veritable machine. Along with Pierre Spies of South Africa Chabal has stood up as one of THE premier back-rowers in world rugby during this years summer tests. Northern hemisphere supporters are by now accustomed to watching the Frenchmen barrel over would be tacklers and brush aside despairing defenders with hilarious ease in the English premier league. Recently he has been demonstrating his robust tackling capabilities as well. Masoe probably didn't realise what had happened until the morning after the game. That Frenchie is tougher than a week old baguette and he sure did a number on that unfortunate Black 8. I don't know whats hurt more, Masoe's body or his pride. He got served boiii


ed said...

The catholic church...we ve made a few....changes

Anonymous said...

Effing fabulous.