Monday 4 June 2007

Pumping Iron

As some of you know, i am a huge fan of the 1977 documentary, 'Pumping Iron' starring one Arnold Scwarzenegger. The film concerns itself with Arnie's last defence of his Mr Olympia body building crown, after having won the title the last 5 successive years. It really is a great watch, lotsa humour, some intentional, some not so intentional, but a lot of laughing WITH Arnie and his competitors. Of course, its also greatly interssting from the point of view of those interested in body cuilding, or even those who attend the gym regularly for the purposes of sport etc.

The application of the competitors to their sport is incredibly admirable, they really are athletes, The amount of time spent focused on diet and the sheer amount of time spent training seems to encompass every available waking hour. The difficulty in achieving such size yet good proportion and defintion is beyond belief, and i think this documentary really shows just how much credit these competitors deserve.

Even if thats not your cup of tea, watching Arnie is so engaging, he is a true cerebreal assasin. It is, after all, a competition, and the mind games that ensue drive the plot of the documentary. Scwarzenegger's ability to get inside fo the head of his fellow competitors is off the charts, he interferes with their focus so greatly that it disrupts their training, self belief and their ability to pose in the actual competition. It is such an intriguing piece of film making and of interest to any sports person, or anyone interested in the psychology of winning and success. Arnold may not be the brightest, but he becomes the best. Plus he says funny shit....

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