Sunday 24 June 2007

Saturday 23 June 2007

UFC 72 - Victory

Ok I know I'm pretty late with this but I'm in Canada at the moment so regular posting is kinda an issue. Taking my isolation in the land of mounties, maple syrup and moose into account I was also unable to watch this particular fight night due to a hideous jet lag at the time coupled with a severe lack of a competent sporting television network on Canadian tv (at least in our hostel anyway) but here are the results (like you already didn't know 'em) of the three main fights as far as I was concerned and I'm very happy to see that all my favourites won... which is awesome.

Rich Franklin beat Yushin Okami by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round

Forrest Griffin beat Hector Ramirez by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round

Jason MacDonald beat Rory Singer by technical knockout at 3:18 in the second round

Monday 18 June 2007

The Alternative Rugby Commentary

The boys from the rugby round table have done it again, a little reminder of the tri nations.

And They're Off

This years Tri-Nations promises to be a scorcher and judging by its dramatic first test it wont fail to disappoint. With 7 minutes to go and trailing by 19-16 to Australia the South Africans pulled Francois Steyn off the bench hoping for something special. They weren't to be let down as Steyn first dropped a goal from 40 metres within a minute of coming onto the pitch. Then with 3 minutes left he stuck again with second drop goal from 25 metres out putting the Bokke 22-19 ahead and securing the win.
The Australian who were written off by many before the tournement showed a determined, disciplined, unrelenting stle of play that to upstage their hosts, at times leaving the home crowd in stunned silence as they had been promised a walk in the park.
These two added mixed in with the high flying All Blacks should concoct a competition that will captivate and excite the rugby world

New Zealand Snatch 7s Crown

New Zealand regained the IRB 7s Crown at the Murrayfield tournement through a dramatic turn of evens which saw Fiji knocked out in the quarter finals of the cup in their game against Wales, losing by a single converted try, 21-14. The Blacks who were 10 points behind their Fijian counterparts on the leaderboard then went on to win the cup and the overall series title by beating Samoa in the final 34-5, finishing ahead of Fiji by just 2 points.

Wednesday 13 June 2007

Nike Ads

Ok I already did a bit on recent Adidas 'Impossible Is Nothing' ad campaign so I decided it was only fair that other major sporting brands got some exposure on the blog too and all 7/8 of its (kind of) regular readers. These are the best Nike ads I could find
Michael Jordan - Failure

Cage Football

Lance Armstrong (My personal favourite)


Ice Hockey

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Chuck Liddell Post-Bout Antics

Supposedly this video was taken the night Liddell lost his light heavyweight UFC championship belt in relatively humiliating circumstances to Rampage Jackson. Having being thoroughly whupped by Jackson Liddell seems to have opted for the 'drown my sorrows in drink and girls' approach, it's a good option no matter what the occasion to be honest.. fair play

New Zealand vs Canada

The teams for this match probably won't be released before I leave for Vancouver on Thursday so I thought I'd do a wee preview now. Emm that being said I have nothing much to say really, I know very little about the Canadian team suffice to say that they got walloped by a third string Irish team in the Churchill cup before being overrun by the New Zealand Maori a week later. In other words they're completely screwed. I'm presuming the All Blacks are going to field a 'weakened' team but even a significantly understrength team comprised completely of Kiwi schools players could deal with this Canuck team.

Chad Johnson Races A Horse

This is Chad Johnson, Bengals wide receiver extraordinaire and possessor of an ego the size of the state of Texas. Recently he raced a horse for charity and ye ok he beats the animal comfortably but this is really a poor mans Habana vs. a cheetah video. Doesn't change the fact that he's a dick

Top Ten Bird Related Incidents In Sport

Monday 11 June 2007

Lesnar's K-1 MMA debut

I wrote a post about this a while back but COMPLETELY forgot about it. Anyway here is the video of the Lesnar - Kim Min Soo fight (must have changed his opponent at some point) that was on a little over a week ago on June the 2nd. Enjoy

Thursday 7 June 2007

Ana Ivanovic advances to Paris final

...well she's 19, from Serbia and apparently plays tennis. The fact that she beat Sharapova in the semis also gives me the oppurtunity to showcase the Russian as well.

Women's tennis is SUCH a good spectator sport

Wednesday 6 June 2007

Sebastien Chabal on Chris Masoe - BOOM!

A rugby pundit recently described the French number 8 Chabal as a cross between Jesus and Charles Manson. I'm inclined to agree with that description. This man is a veritable machine. Along with Pierre Spies of South Africa Chabal has stood up as one of THE premier back-rowers in world rugby during this years summer tests. Northern hemisphere supporters are by now accustomed to watching the Frenchmen barrel over would be tacklers and brush aside despairing defenders with hilarious ease in the English premier league. Recently he has been demonstrating his robust tackling capabilities as well. Masoe probably didn't realise what had happened until the morning after the game. That Frenchie is tougher than a week old baguette and he sure did a number on that unfortunate Black 8. I don't know whats hurt more, Masoe's body or his pride. He got served boiii

Monday 4 June 2007

Pumping Iron

As some of you know, i am a huge fan of the 1977 documentary, 'Pumping Iron' starring one Arnold Scwarzenegger. The film concerns itself with Arnie's last defence of his Mr Olympia body building crown, after having won the title the last 5 successive years. It really is a great watch, lotsa humour, some intentional, some not so intentional, but a lot of laughing WITH Arnie and his competitors. Of course, its also greatly interssting from the point of view of those interested in body cuilding, or even those who attend the gym regularly for the purposes of sport etc.

The application of the competitors to their sport is incredibly admirable, they really are athletes, The amount of time spent focused on diet and the sheer amount of time spent training seems to encompass every available waking hour. The difficulty in achieving such size yet good proportion and defintion is beyond belief, and i think this documentary really shows just how much credit these competitors deserve.

Even if thats not your cup of tea, watching Arnie is so engaging, he is a true cerebreal assasin. It is, after all, a competition, and the mind games that ensue drive the plot of the documentary. Scwarzenegger's ability to get inside fo the head of his fellow competitors is off the charts, he interferes with their focus so greatly that it disrupts their training, self belief and their ability to pose in the actual competition. It is such an intriguing piece of film making and of interest to any sports person, or anyone interested in the psychology of winning and success. Arnold may not be the brightest, but he becomes the best. Plus he says funny shit....

Sunday 3 June 2007

Southern Hemisphere 7-0 Northern Hemisphere

At about ten o'clock on Saturday evening the final whistle echoed ominously around the stadium in Buenos Aires and and brought to a close the last game of the day. The outcome was quite a familiar one in relation to the earlier games. The Argentines handed yet another defeat to their northern hemisphere visitors bringing the countries south of the equators tally over the past two weeks to a total of seven wins, no losses over their northern compatriots.

New Zealand 42-11 France

A couple of things about this match. The French team on display was woefully weak. In fact in the grand scheme of under strength teams that headed south this summer this French outfit was arguably the weakest. Completely devoid of any real young talent and propped up by some of the old guard veterans of French rugby like Olivier Magne this team never really stood any kind of chance in Auckland.

The Kiwis were efficient in their dismantling of this shambolic group of Frenchies but didn't look anywhere near as powerful or commanding as they have done in recent years. They'll be looking for a much-improved performance next week and a bigger scoreline too I reckon

Does give me an excuse to put this little beauty up again though

Australia 31-0 Wales

Australia didn't seem to turn up for the first game of this series or the first half of this match either. But when George Gregan came on at half-time and Matt Giteau moved out to first centre suddenly the Wallabies looked very very good. The veteran Gregan lends more control and composure to the scrum-half position whilst Giteau brings a refreshing injection of pace, creativity and urgency to the Australian backline. Played at centre he has a lot more space to work in as well and compliments the battering ram style of play that Stirling Mortlock employs at 13. An unfortunate result for Wales given their heroics in the first test. For the Criminal Element, well their world cup campaign starts now, they're back on track

South Africa 55-22 England

Of all the games involving the tri-nations teams yesterday, if you had told me England would be leading the Springboks 19-17 at the break my head probably
would have exploded in disbelief. The Boks rallied after the break however and eventually put England to the sword, overpowering the English team and eventually running out 55-22 winners, surpassing last weeks tally of 7 tries with 8, including spectacular solo efforts from winger Bryan Habana and young number 8 Pierre Spies (I enjoyed that one: one, two, three, four English tacklers... they never had a chance)

Argentina 16-0 Ireland

Less said about this the better. I think the St.Andrews under 12s would probably have made less handling errors in this match than the Irish managed. To see so much ball spilt in the contact area was just sickening in the professional game. There was no excuse for it really, perfect conditions, and the boys played like shit. The Argentines didn't really have to do much other than sit back and wait for the Irish to make mistakes, which they did, and they kicked their points and then waited for another mistake. It was the most frustrating game of rugby ever. Argey Bargy never looked like creating anything and then whenever the Irish seemed to be on the verge of actually doing something they'd mess it up in spectacular fashion (special mention must be made of Jeremy Staunton in this case.. so many missed penalties)

Friday 1 June 2007

The Great White Hope

I've blogged about the idiocy of the concept of NBA upside before, but i always will jump on oppurtunities to showcase success against the system which devalues unspectacular, unathletic but productive players.

Take Jared Jordan who has come to give himself a great chance at becoming at least a late second round draft pick in the approaching NBA draft 2007 on the 28th of June. Jordan, at 6'2'' and 182lbs led the NCAA in assists the past 2 seasons. Lacking any real NBA level athleticism however, scouts have knocked his ability to play his game in the NBA, having played in a Mid-major college in Marist and already showing struggles with defensive footspeed and the offensive explosiveness to gain seperation from his defender.

But one would logically deduce that passing the ball does not require athleticism, only the same court vision and reading of the game that Jordan has already proved he posseses, hitting a cutter with a bounce pass is the same whether in the NCAA, the NBA or the South Dublin Under 19 league.

Suddenly scouts are shocked by Jordan's effectiveness at pre-draft camp, he has showcased a very developed game, good decision making and excellent court vision, out-performing many of the other, more highly touted point guards. Solid yet unspectacular play is always going to attract coaches, Jordan won't leave onlookers at the camp salivating at his potential, but he is the ideal back up point guard at this time, because he is a specialist passer off the bench, better to have this off the bench than merely a weaker version of your main point guard. This is probably more than likely going to help Jordan find a job on an NBA team.

What also springs to mind when we talk about an unathletic, average sized, pass first white point guard who went under the radar at a mid major college? Ye... that guy Steve Nash the one who won 2 MVP awards back to back, he's alright too, not exactly a role player anymore. Anybody who doubts Jordan's ability to succeed at the next level due to athletic shortcomings may be proved very wrong.

South Africa vs England

- 2nd test (1st test - South Africa 58-10 England)
- 2/6/07
- On tv: 13:00 (K.O. 14:00) Sky Sports 1

South Africa
1 - Guthro Steenkamp
2 - John Smit
3 - CJ van der Linde
4 - Bakkies Botha
5 - Victor Matfield
6 - Schalk Burger
7 - Juan Smith
8 - Pierre Spies
9 - Ricky Januarie
10 - Butch James
11 - Bryan Habana
12 - Jean de Villiers
13 - Wynand Olivier
14 - Akona Ndungane
15 - Percy Montgomery

Subs: Carstens, G Botha, Muller, Skinstad, Pienaar, Steyn, Willemse

1 - Kevin Yates
2 - Mark Regan
3 - Matt Stevens
4 - Roy Winters
5 - Alex Brown
6 - Nick Easter
7 - Magnus Lund
8 - Ben Skirving
9 - Andy Gomarsall
10 - Jonny Wilkinson
11 - Dan Scarbrough
12 - Toby Flood
13 - Mathew Tait
14 - Jamie Noon
15 - Mike Brown

Subs: Titteral, Turner, Schofield, Jones, Perry, Allen, Abdendanon

I'm on the verge of feeling sorry for the England team. Well feeling bad for Wilko at least. They got Harry out of Iraq but couldn't keep poor Jonny out of South Africa. The Poms got royally walloped in the first test losing by a record margin to the Springboks (as an aside Ashton has been in charge of England for 6 matches now and has suffered TWO record breaking losses) and to be honest it should be more of the same in this second match too. With the Bokke putting out a pretty much unchanged team from the one that thumped the English last week they'll be looking to surpass the total they racked up that day. For their part England will just look to keep the score down to something vaguely respectable. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL they are gonna be able to compete with the Springboks tomorrow. More injuries, more illness and the loss of Robinson has decimated an already weakened and demoralised English outfit.

C'mon another English humiliation *rubs hands together in sadistic glee* c'mon the Bokke!!

Impossible Is Nothing

Grammatical shoddiness aside these Adidas ads are actually class, I dunno how many there are exactly but these are the best ones (and the ones in English)
Jonah Lomu


Gilbert Arenas

UFC 72 - Victory

- Belfast, Ireland
- 16/6/07
- On tv: probably... I think it may be pay per view only though

Fight Card (Main bouts)
Rich 'Ace' Franklin vs Yushia Okami
- Middleweight

Forrest Griffin vs Hector Ramirez
- Light heavyweight

Rory Singer vs Jason MacDonald
- Middleweight

Clayy Guida vs Tyson Griffin
- Lightweight

When I heard that the UFC was coming to Ireland I poo-pooed it away as nought but idle gossip. And when UFC 70 (at least I think it was 70) was held in England I automatically presumed that was the end of the matter. The UFC had their moment for all the UK and European fans and would head back across the pond. Then this happened.. UFC 72... to be held in... Europe again? At the Odyssey... the Belfast Odyssey?!! As if that wasn't good enough two of my preferred fighters featured on the card too (Franklin and MacDonald). Then I saw the date... the 16th.. its on two days after I leave the country for Canada... bollocks

Anyway I strongly you to watch this and then inform me of who won what cos I dunno how much coverage it'll get in Canada (damn passive country). Franklin for the win and a subsequent title shot. If MacDonald and Forrest Griffin win, well that'd be awesome too