Monday 28 May 2007

Stanley Cup Finals Preview

- Ottawa Senators (yay!) vs the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks (yay!).. ye I can't decide who I like more
- On tv - NOOOOOO. Setanta have decided NASCAR would be more entertaining for Irish fans unfortunately
Okay I did about ten minutes worth of reading ESPN and the NHL for this preview before I remembered that I understand no ice hockey lingo. From what I can gather both teams are both fairly competent in all areas (I guess you have to be to get this far) but that if you want to break it down into a strength vs strength contest that it will be essentially Ottawa's attack vs. the Anaheim defence. Alfredsson, Heatly and Spezza (pictured) are a prodigious goal scoring unit and are obviously the Sens main offensive weapons. So just expect the Ducks to do their level best to stop these boys relying on their strong defence to generate scoring opportunities for an offence starved of any real 'star' quality. Though mention should be made of the Sens second string keeper Emery who's come into extreme 'heroic' form in the playoffs, Ottawa can defend... just not as well as Anaheim.

I think I'm gonna stick with Ottawa to win cos those Senator bastards put out my Pingus, and they're Canadian. Although I do like the Ducks 'knuckle puck time' hurrah! fuck it I don't know its too hard to call... but I'm gonna guess Senators

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