Wednesday 23 May 2007

Stanley Cup Final

Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks vs Ottawa Senators

Having dispatched the Red Wings (hooray) 4-3 last night and thus clinching the series 4-2 Anaheim progressed to the Stanley Cup final where they'll play the Ottawa Senators, who defeated the Buffalo Sabres (again, hooray) to reach the final stage. Again, handicapped as I am by a severe lack of knowledge regarding all thing hockey my favourite for this match is gonna be decided purely on whose name I prefer. Both hold a degree of sentimental sway for me; I've been to Ottawa, great place and I do prefer Canada in general BUT the (Mighty) Ducks gave me two or three memorable kids sports films when I was growing up (Goldberg you hero)

Weighing up the various merits of both teams I think I'm gonna have to go for the Sens purely cos I have a problem with an 'American' franchise winning the Stanley Cup (see waffle here in the blog about my feelings regarding the 'American' NHL). That and my love for all things Canadian (granted I've only been east coast but I'm rectifying that wee problem this summer) far exceeds my love for the (Mighty) Ducks. I don't even know where Anaheim is for Christ's sake.

Mass fight between Sens and Sabres, LETS GO OTTAWA

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