Wednesday 9 May 2007


It's everything basketball should be... it's beautiful... *wipes away tear*


Barra said...

that is fucking amazing. this is the only way that i would ever be interested bastketball. finally, i doesnt have to be so wussy. now that have to bring in vicious versions of everything. slamsoccer would be ok, field hockey with pads and hardly any rules. took them long enough.

Barra said...

man, the amount of typos in that last post is crazy. tired.

Jamie said...

novelty factor aside, i genuinely believe that this is a far superior sport to basketball.

David said...

Slamball is a sweet ass game. They used to show highlights on Trouble every saturday but unfortunately the TV company that runs the league cancelled the season. I haven't heard anything about it since.

One of the coolest things about slamball is that instead of freethrows (i think) there is a 1v1 duel!

We should campaign for the dl-r county council to build us a fucking slam ball court. fuck skate parks.