Friday 11 May 2007

Ricky Williams must love Canada

Ricky Williams... one of the most promising talents in the NFL once, before he found the wacky tabaccy and never looked back. Williams has played 12 games since 2003 in the NFL mainly due to suspension after suspension for drug abuse. Last year the Dolphins finally got rid of him and he went north of the border where the CFL (yes the Canadian football league, it does exist) gladly employed the disgraced running back. After a season with the Toronto Argonauts Ricky was meant to be set for a triumphant return to the NFL. But an injury in Canada coupled with this most recent scandal (in what is becoming one of the most farcical fall from graces I've ever witnessed) has seen Williams stock plummet and now looking around the league I dunno who'd be willing to pick him up. Thats right, on the verge of returning to the NFL with the possibility of redemption in Miami Williams went and fucked it up for himself by getting high. Which is a shame really considering his talent but serves him right for being such a waste lok for him to be plying his trade in Detroit if he's lucky, the NFLs knacker yard

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