Wednesday 2 May 2007

Power rankings - May

1. Tip rugby over exams/study, although I reckon for every hour I spend outside my GPA takes a significant dive
2. Heineken cup final over Champions league final
3. Rugby Roundtable over Against The Head
4. Single game knock-out stages over series like best of 7
5. Liddell over Jackson
6. Cornetto over Magnum
7. Venom over Spiderman
8. Buffy the vampire slayer over Angel... look, I get bored studying ok?
9. Writing up the power rankings over studying for my ancient Greek law exam tomorrow
10. It's still Ron over D.K., I dunnae care boot yur fuckin' march fo' weed, pay me my money Dave
...about the pic... apparently the monkeys eating the end of a cornetto, I thought it'd be cute/hilarious but then I noticed that it seems to have a humongous sack which is both hilarious and disturbing, a perfect combo


Hugo said...

What's a GPA?

The champo league final is clearly better. Who wants to see a bunch of public scholl boys called Grewcock and Freshwater battle a bunch of Frenchies, when both teams have already opted out of next year's tournament?

Magnum over cornetto every time.

I believe it's called a scrotum.

Macka said...

Grade Point Average, one of the many stupid Americanisms we have to put up with in UCD since modularisation came in

Key word you used being 'battle' for the rugby

Magnum over cornetto eh? Goats will eat anything I guess

I believe you're called Michael?

Hugo said...

I consider a snooker match or a game of cricket a battle too.

I believe you're called James.

Macka said...

man snooker and cricket are the worst 'sports' I have EVER seen. The only battle involved is the battle to stay awake

touche on the James thing, somehow didn't see that coming

Hugo said...

snooker and cricket are easily 2 of the finest sports on the planet. you just seem to like sports with immediacy and incescant (check spelling) pace, and I do too, but you don't have to have people charging at eachother physically all the time for sport to be good.

Macka said...

that may be true, I also like sports that don't take up my entire day, sports that are both mentally AND physically demanding, and sports that require about 20 million times more creativity than snooker or cricket

Jamie said...

"man snooker and cricket are the worst 'sports' I have EVER seen"

oh know u didnt! ive only just recently gotten into cricket to be honest but snooker has to be one of the best sports around. its like hugo said, it is about a million times harder than it looks so i guess if u play snooker u can appreciate watching it more cos u get to realise just how ridiculously skilled those guys are.

"sports that require about 20 million times more creativity than snooker"

watch ronnie play any match ever, specifically his record breaking 147 in under 5 mins. its beyond creativity, its hypercreativity. pure genius

Macka said...

ye i've seen the ronnie thing, and ye I know it looks about a milion times harder than it actually is but...firstly thats a rare occurence and secondly, nearly EVERY sport/recreational pastime is harder to play than it looks.

And ye so I don't play snooker but the only creativity it seems to require is a basic knowledge of angles, and how hard you need to hit the cue ball, there's little to no creativity in it, it's formulaic as fook. All you seem to need is a semi-functioning brain

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

ur missing the point tho, there is no way u can say that 'the only creativity it seems to require...etc etc' if u havent played it. thats the whole point, its about a million times harder than it looks!

Macka said...

yes I can its my personal opinion, I freely admit that I've never played it, in fact I said it 'SEEMS' to require etc etc., I'm not stating that it doesn't require any skill cos I'm no position to make that call as I've never played.
BUT I will maintain that in the grand pantheon of sports it is one of the least creative pastimes I have ever seen. It's soooo painfully predictable; the paint 'will' dry this way

Macka said...

here you're also arguing that I underestimate the technical ability of these people, thats not true, its the creative potential of the sport itself jim-jam not the players ability.