Tuesday 22 May 2007

Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones, yet another prominent NFL player embroiled in legal troubles but surprisingly not a member of the Bengals squad. Jones was arrested last year after an 'incident' in a Las Vegas strip club. He had brought $81,000 (in one dollar bills, carried in essentially a 'swag' bag I kid you not) to the club and proceeded to 'make it rain'. One of the strippers tried to grab some of the cash and Pacman took offence smacking her head against the stage. Jones and his entourage were eventually forced out of the club by one of the guards but one of his party returned later and opened fire in the club hitting three people, leaving one permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Pacman denies any relationship with the shooter but has been brought before NFL commisioner Goodell on charges of drug abuse, gambling and generally creating a bad image for the sport.

Pacman was subsequently slapped with an unprecedented season ban which is subject to further review upon the result of the various legal charges levelled against the Titans cornerback. Jones has since announced his appeal against the suspension but seeing as Goodell is on the appeal board Pacman's chances for a successful repeal are slim to none. He hasn't helped matters in recent times by being arrested again, for speeding in a car that he had bought at a police auction, one that was not registered in his name and had been seized by the po-po in a drugs bust last Spring...

And that video is hilarious, I love the start, bravo bradyfan83, bravo

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