Tuesday 1 May 2007

NHL conference semi-finals

Eastern conference

Sabres (1) vs Rangers (6)
Sabres lead series 2-1
Devils (2) vs Senators (4)
Senators lead series 2-1

Western Conference

Redwings (1) vs Sharks (5)
Series tied 1-1
Ducks (2) vs Canucks (3)
Ducks lead 2-1

ye.. well given my severe lack of knowledge about hockey (bar the fact that my Pingus were knocked out in humiliating fashion by that Ottawa scum) that’s pretty much all I got. From here on out I'm throwing my support behind Vancouver, though the aura of failure surrounding Pittsburgh seems to be slowly but inexorably making its way north of the border. If my bad luck continues and they get knocked out... I'll follow the Rangers.. I'm taking them down with me Ed.

1 comment:

ed said...

yeh well at a time like this all i can say is....
lets go RAAAAAAAAngers