Thursday 17 May 2007

Michael Vick is in a whole heap of trouble

As one of the the major stars of the NFL, hell one of the faces of the sport as a whole Michael Vick obviously makes a fair ol' chunk of change for his performances every weekend for the Atlanta Falcons. But Vick is a smart guy, he realises that football's not gonna be there forever, he needs to organise a career for himself after the NFL. Now for a lot of players this could mean going into coaching or becoming an NFL pundit, ya know keep their face in the spotlight etc.

This was a bit too much for Mike, he decided to keep his business small and underground away from prying eyes. Unfortunately when you're Michael Vick people will notice that you're running a dog fighting bracket in your swanky Virginia house. Of course Vick claimed that he never stays in that gaff, that it was all his friend's fault. He then sold the house pronto and tried desperately to distance himself from the whole torrid affair. But now one of Vick's neighbours has placed him at the gaff at the time of the fights. He's in a whooooooole lot of trouble now, those animal rights hippies are up in arms about this and pressing for charges to be brought against Vick. And tbh if he is responsible for anything to do with this kind of malarkey he deserves it.

One helluva player though
[Update: better video]


barrie said...

i was not prepared for that dog photo.

Anonymous said...

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