Saturday 12 May 2007

Magner's league

1. Ospreys
2. Blues
3. Leinster
4. Scarletts
5. Ulster
6. Munster
7. Warriors
8. Edinburgh
9. Dragons
10. Connacht
11. Borders

The Ospreys secured the Magners league title today with a 24-16 victory over the Borders, lifting them above Cardiff who only yesterday had moved into the top spot by overcoming Leinster (another one of my ill-fated predictions gone awry). Now I don't watch much Magners league bu from what I've seen I think Cardiff kinda got jippd this season, they seem to have been consistently good. I dunno where the Ospreys came from, Lanelli just didn't bother with the Magners this year and the Irish teams immploded as the tournament went on. So ye I reckon Cardiff probably deserved it but... here I don't really care... and neither should you

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