Tuesday 15 May 2007

Lesnar's debut in MMA

Those of you who watched WWF/WWE in your youth may remember the man-beast Brock Lesnar and his patented F-5. Well after a few years out of pro-wrestling Lesnar is set for a comeback, this time into MMA. On the second of June Lesnar steps into the ring at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to fight a human being who is somehow larger than him. His opponent Hong Man Choi weighs in at an impressive 355 lbs. With Lesnar a relatively light 265 lbs I had expected this Choi chap to be some obese fella of former sumo fame. Oh how I was wrong, Choi is not only 355 lbs, he also stands at an imposing 7 foot 2 inches which is quite frankly ridiculous. The man is a giant. The fight is also the American debut for Japanese kickboxing and MMA outfit K-1, pretty good fight to open with in the U.S. I reckon, should be suitably interesting, potentially, if not literally epic

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ed said...

man that dude is fighting my little bro