Sunday 6 May 2007

LaDainian Tomlinson

Star running back for the San Diego Chargers and current league MVP, Tomlinson was drafted 5th overall in the 2001 draft. Since then he has started for the Chargers in every regular season game bar one, consistently putting up remarkable numbers year after year and smashing NFL records. In the 2006/07 season, Tomlinson further established his dominance as THE running back of the NFL by surpassing Shaun Alexander's record of most touchdowns in a season, set only the year before, with 31. It took Tomlinson 13 games to break Alexander's record of 28. He has been selected to the pro bowl four times in six years ('02,'04,'05 and 'o6). In 2006, he became the fastest player ever to reach 100 career touchdowns as well as becoming only the second player ever to record both 1,000 yards on the ground as well as 100 receptions. Tomlinson also holds the record for the most points scored by one player in a season (186), most consecutive games scoring a touchdown (18) and holds the record for the most touchdowns scored in a 5 game period with 16 in 2006/07. There's a whole host of other stats and trivia I could throw in here but the point is that Tomlinson is unbelievable; his pace, strength and ability to make an entire defense miss is ridiculous.

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