Wednesday 23 May 2007

Ireland team to play Argentina

1 - Bryan Young
2 - Jerry Flannery
3 - Simon Best (Captain)
4 - Trevor Hogan
5 - Malcolm O’Kelly
6 - Neil Best
7 - Keith Gleeson
8 - Jamie Heaslip
9 - Isaac Boss
10 - Paddy Wallace
11 - Tommy Bowe
12 - Kieran Lewis
13 - Andrew Trimble
14 - Brian Carney
15 - Gavan Duffy

Subs: Jackman, Buckley, O'Driscoll, Ferris, O'Leary, G Murphy, B Murphy

I had three initial reactions to this squad: 1) Where the fuck is Shane Jennings? 2) Why oh why is Tommy Bowe playing? and 3) Jesus Christ he didn't start Mick O'Driscoll, I was on the verge of earmarking him as captain for the tour too just cos Eddie has such a hard-on for that waste of space. My extreme anger at Jennings apparent exclusion was somewhat subdued by my bro who presented the rather logical point that monsieur Jennings probably hasn't joined the Ireland squad yet cos of the Heino Cup final. But now I see that Murphy is on the bench despite playing in that same final... the irrational anger is returning. Surely Eddie is not that stupid, surely he would play THE form player in the English league if said player was at his disposal.. wouldn't he?

That being said good ol' steady Eddie is probably the most conservative coach regarding selection you will ever see which is somewhat crippling for a country with such a small player base as the youth hardly get a look in over the old guard. And then when he does give the young 'uns a shot he plays Tommy fucking Bowe. Anyone remember another Ulster winger called Tyrone Howe? He was pants too and his name was eerily similar to Bowe's, that's reason enough right there not to play him. On a positive note I do agree with his pack selection bar maybe taking Flannery over Best and I applaud him for not starting Mick O'Driscoll, that must have taken difficult for Eddie, O'Dizzle is like his favourite. Not liking Lewis at centre, surely we have someone better but Carney gets a shot, yay! Its all irrelevant though... if he had Jennings out there but didn't play him I'm gonna fly out to Buenos Aires and beat Eddi to death... yes with his own shoe

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